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Adriatique: Finding Their Place In The Family 'Diynamic'.

One half of the white-hot pair discusses their duo status and their place in the burgeoning Hamburg house empire.

Diynamic's Neon Nights residency has without a doubt been one of Sankeys' most successful nights this year. After their debut last summer, the night has developed no end, supplying underground house fans with quality music, whether it be old or new, the only rule being to entertain and expose the crowd to the Diynamic sound and each member of the family's individual styles, something the crowd has seemingly been well up for each week.

Part of this family is Adriatique. As the younger fresher addition to the label, the duo (coincidentally both named Adrian) is really turning heads in Ibiza this season, their musical styles evolving and their producing at a whole new level of excellence as yet another year goes by of them working together rather than as solo artists.

I caught up with the Adrians at their apartment in the Old Town on Tuesday before another Neon Nights. We hunched round their coffee table amidst a sea of cream furniture, piles of music magazines and dusty hardbacks and the subtle smell of Swiss cigarettes. Although very welcoming, it seemed Adrian Schweizer (the fairer of the two) wasn't the talkative type, letting tall dark Adrian Shala do most of the talking. This alone showed the trust they had for each other, allowing one to speak for both of them and really highlighting the unity they have as a duo. I decided to start at the beginning, and as I questioned them on their musical backgrounds it became clear that opposites really do attract.

Tell me about your musical backgrounds, you were both into different styles weren't you?

"I was quite influenced by my cousin who is also a DJ and producer and was doing music for a long time. He came from the Chicago house/Detroit techno so his records influenced me. I started to mix a little bit. Other Adrian was more into European music at the time, more melodic techno stuff. Of course then you evolve every year and change styles and try out different styles of music."

Before you met each other how did you find DJ-ing solo? Did you envisage becoming one half of a duo?

"For me I never had that in my mind, it just happened. At the time we'd both just started DJ-ing so we were both on the same page, just starting to produce."

What is so good about being a duo, and what problems have you come across, now you have to take two opinions into consideration?

"One of the main positive things is that you can share all these moments you experience, from travelling to the good parties, the bad parties... You're not on your own, it's different when you can really experience it with someone and share the moment. Obviously most of the time you have different opinions, maybe in the studio, but generally speaking it's way easier to be together. Of course you fight a lot. Well, we fight a lot! But that's just normal."

Is it more when you're playing in the studio or when you're in the club behind the decks, where you come to blows?

"Behind the decks it's not that often... but we always fight on the plane!"

Tell me about the scenes in Austria and Zurich when you were growing up?

"In Austria where I lived we were more influenced by Zurich than Berlin, as it's only an hour away. The scene there is really good. There is a lot of art, lots of good restaurants and very good clubs and a young population. A lot of people don't know that, they always think of London or Berlin, or Ibiza of course in summer, but it's filled with talented musicians. The city influences us greatly."

How do you think this season has been for Diynamic Neon Nights?

"Last year was the start for the Diynamic guys in Ibiza, and it's just the second season. I think it's going really well, of course we started better than last year as it got a lot of hype at the end of the season and people were interested in this party, I think next year will be the same."

Do you think you've taken more risks with your sets now that you feel more comfortable in Sankeys? How has your sound changed from last season to now?

"We're always evolving and being influenced by new things. Also we've been together for another year, and we're more confident playing together."

When we interviewed H.O.S.H he talked a lot about how Diynamic is like a big family? What would you say your place was within that 'diynamic'?

"Ah, good question! We're new to the label so automatically were the younger newer guys, so maybe you have an opinion on something but you keep it to yourself because you don't know how offensive you can be! Now we feel like we have a strong place within this family and we are heard. The stuff we do and want to do is always in a positive discussion. We might not have the part like, DJ Phono is the funny guy, and H.O.S.H is the guy who cooks the best burgers. We just want to do music and have a good party with the guys and have fun. We're at home there."

This has been such a successful year for you. Was there a point where you suddenly thought, we've made it!

"We've been doing this for a long time, but especially the last 2 years, we've been doing a lot of touring. Almost double this year to last year! You have to arrange everything because you still have to do music. We've played some big festivals, and it's an outstanding moment being here and performing every week in Ibiza playing in front of new people who are coming to the island..."

What can we expect from Adriatique in the next few months?

"Sleeping! (laughs) No we've just finished our new EP for Diynamic. We just got the master so I'd guess the beginning of October for release. We're not allowed to talk too much about it but we're really proud of it and are looking forward to showing it to the people. There will be some more stuff coming out later this year. We want to take a bit of time off in the winter maybe to do some stuff for next year. We go to the US on Thursday for a general American tour."

Any long term ambitions for Adriatique?

"Hmm maybe buy a boat in Ibiza! In the first place we want to enjoy what we do, enjoy doing music. We're touring, and hitting deadlines, and we want to make a living out of it but still enjoy it. That's our main goal."

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