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SPTL151: Giuseppe Ottaviani

Catch Giuseppe with his exclusive appearance at Cream Ibiza, Amnesia, tonight for Paul Van Dyk's Politics of Dancing 3 party.

The Mix

Talk us through the track selection of the mix.

"The track selection comes directly from the promo's I receive for my GO ON AIR radio show. I've never really been a DJ, so a radio show allows me to express myself as a DJ too. I receive lots of music every week and I pick up the tracks I like the most, so what you hear here is a packed selection out of 600 promos. I have also included the amazing Rank 1 remix of my first album single 'Love Will Bring It All Around' and the latest remix I did for Armin Van Buuren - 'This Is What It Feels Like'."

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"I usually record my mixes here in studio but most of the time J have to mix them 'on air' as I'm always flying somewhere."

What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this podcast?

"There's not a specific one, I like to be influenced from almost everything out there and I try to keep my mixes a bit wider in terms of music style even if at the end of the day the mix will definitely sound trancy. Well, that's what I like the most indeed!"

The Plug

What is keeping you bust at the moment?

"I've been focused on my new 'Magenta' album release for a while and now that it's finally out I can relax a little. But not too much as I've already started to think and to work on the next project… but it's too early to talk about that so let's enjoy Magenta for now."

You're latest artist album has been released on the 27th May, what can you tell us about that?

"The concept behind the album is the non-verbal , yet strong, language of colours and the way they influence our lives. Each colour has it's meaning and 'Magenta' fully embraces what this kind of music is all about. Magenta is passionate, creative, non-conformist, it promotes compassion, kindness and cooperation and it encourages a sense of self-respect. Magenta represents universal love at its highest level. The album intends to promote exactly the same message the colour does."

You have a long standing relationship with Cream, how do you think the party has changed over the years to keep fresh?

"Cream, like music, continuously evolves to keep things fresh and up to date, but just like me never lose its identity and that's the main thing. The music could be different from before but I enjoy Cream now in the exact same way I did in my very first gig in Ibiza. It's always one of the highlights of my summer and it's been like that since 2003!"

I would say that trance is less of a force on the island now than it has been in the past, which is a massive shame, are you happy with the trance scene as it is now? Is there anything you'd like to change?

"Well I'm happy with the evolution of music in general, of course there's no way back but i'm very positive for the future. At least what we call Trance now is not really what we used to know back in the days, but that's not an issue at all. Beside a name and the way people label a certain music style, good music is just good music and luckily there's quite a lot these days. I wouldn't change anything right now as the change will happen anyway. Life is beautiful because it's various as well as the music is because continuously changes."

Finally, you have a weekend off. What do you do? Where do you go?

"Honestly, just relax, trying to spend some quality time with family and enjoying life from a different point of view. That's all I need when I'm back home."


01. Vinny Troia feat. Jaidene Veda - Fade Into You - Jerome Isma-ae & Ilan Bluestone Remix
02. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Eric Lumiere - Love Will Bring It All Around (Rank1 Remix)
03. Shato & Paul Rockseek - Deer Friends (Original mix)
04. Cosmic Gate - Storm Chaser (Extended Mix)
05. Tomas Heredia - Alchemist (Original mix)
06. Sean Tyas - Got Love (Original Mix)
07. Marc Simz feat. Emma Lock - Untimate Love (Original Mix)
08. Talla 2XLC - Rush Hour (Original mix)
09. Greg Downey - Dolphin (Original Mix)
10. The Killers - Miss Atomic Bomb (Arctic Moon Remix)
11. Armin van Buuren feat Trevor Guthrie - This is what it feels like (Giuseppe Ottaviani remix)
12. John Newall - Trancelate (Original Mix)


Introduction: personifying trance music's energy in both approach and output, Italy's Giuseppe Ottaviani has long been recognized as one of the genre's most respected and prolific merchants. From his earliest studio work (as the engine behind famed group NU NRG), through to his latter-day releases under his own name, he has established himself as a benchmark for eminent trance. Over the last 6 years his boundary-breaking in-concert experience Giuseppe Ottaviani Live! has put hundreds of thousands of hands in the air and feet on the floor at the world's best-known EDM festivals. Exclusively feeding these performances is his vast litany of club hits and remixes, of which ‘Ready', ‘Angel', ‘Linking People', ‘Through Your Eyes' and ‘No More Alone' are but a few. Giuseppe's remains both contemporary and omnipresent in the scene with of-late productions like ‘Falcons', ‘Arcobaleno' and most recently ‘Lost For Words', ‘Earth Beat' and ‘Love Will Bring It All Around' continuing to win trance hearts and minds. In May 2013 Ottaviani stands on the threshold of the release of his 2nd artist album ‘Magenta'.

Productions: Giuseppe has long favoured a production-based approach to his EDM career. Drawing on a seemingly limitless reserve of inspiration, passion and the drive to create, it has given rise to a immense discography, comprised of over 35 productions and 45+ remixes. He is probably most quickly associated with his output on VANDIT Records and his remixes and collaborations with Paul van Dyk (of whom he is oft cited as a protégé). Over the years he has been a keen collaborator and has shared production credits with a long list of musically akin producers and vocalists. Most recently these have come to include co-productions with Solarstone and Sean Tyas (on ‘Falcons', ‘Arcobaleno'), which has produced some of his most critically acclaimed work to date. “These ‘Falcons' really fly!” declared Mixmag, who gave it their trance Tune of the Month in October 2012. DJ Mag meanwhile awarded ‘Arcobaleno' their Money Shot in July, remarking it had “chutzpah”, “gusto” and that there was “simply no keeping a good track down!”

The GO! album: In 2009 Giuseppe planted one of his most significant career markers to date, with the release of his debut long-player ‘GO!'. The platform brought with it 14 new tracks (including the significant club hits like ‘'No More Alone', Angel and ‘Our Dimension'). The album subsequently drew much praise from DJs, fans and the dance press alike. It also became the foundation block for long-lasting production associations with musicians like John O'Callaghan, Tom Colontonio and others.

The Magenta album: for its follow-up Giuseppe drew on the concept of colour theory and philosophy, channelling magenta's attributes into his music. The album bore immediate fruit with its first single, the Eric Lumiere vocalled ‘Love Will Bring It All Around'. Taking Armin van Buuren's Tune of the Week on A State of Trance, the single's also brought acclaim from the dance press. MIXMAG gave it their Single of the Month award and it also won high praise from DJ Mag who said: “Lumiere's vocal gives this track its light-bulb moment”. ‘Magenta' also notably carried first-time G.O. co-productions with Ferry Corsten and Aly & Fila as well as vocal team-ups with Audrey Gallagher, Linnea Schössow and others.

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