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Review: Cirque de la Nuit Boat/Pool Party, 15th August

The Cirque de la Nuit collective presents an infectious day-long affair.

The bulk of Ibiza's sea-borne excursions could be said to follow a similar tried and tested formulae; too many a boat party brings to mind a certain level of service, attendee and experience - the Cirque de la Nuit collective however, bucks the trend entirely. Having previously existed as the Bermuda parties, Cirque de la Nuit - or 'Circus of the Night' - run a slew of packages ranging from sunset club night collaborations to the daytime boat and pool party event which Spotlight attended.

On arrival at CDLN's self-styled 'hangout' - Playa d'en Bossa's Backstage bar - a bustling cosmopolitan atmosphere hung in the air: golden, cherry-laden champagne flutes were passed from person to person as we - an almost exclusively European crowd - stretched out around an Italian themed pool. The boat package includes pre-drinks at Backstage, a free bar and canapés aboard the boat and a post-vessel barbeque and continuing complimentary beverages. From the immediate off, thanks to the playful friendliness of the staff, you are made to feel part of the CLDN family - itching to move on, move out and explore the waves. The event invites you to 'let your mind wander and your senses guide you' and after a brief walk to the waiting two-floored catamaran the capacity crowd sat in palpable anticipation. The sloppily dispensed Sangria - usually a firm fixture - was replaced with sparkling wine and a warm, multi-lingual promise that this was only the beginning.

Motoring smoothly to slightly deeper waters participants had the opportunity to take an exhilaratingly swift jet-ski ride around the boat before being plunged lightly into the waves. Party residents Ryan Platts, Paul Vince and Sebastian Lahm took turns providing a refreshingly original concoction of saxophone-led house flicks - roaming around deep, jazzy house territory. To bond us all together in ecstatic incredulity party hosts dutifully treated every man, woman and crewmember to a frothing champagne shower - cue writhing bodies, glinting sun and an itch to jump into the azure surroundings. On this party dancing came a suitable second to socialising and tranquil enjoyment, akin to a mobile commune that existed for a 'good party' in the true sense of the word - as opposed to manufacturing the overly brash hedonism found in other places. Tube and Berger's Imprint of Pleasure with its layered acoustic picking, easy pads and fitting title perfectly captured the organic, free nature of the party as the vessel pulled into Formentera's Illetas Beach for a spirited swim-stop.

On the return leg many a head lay cradled in another's arms, soaking up the beating sun and cooling spray as the close-knit party prepared to enter its next leg. Feeling mightily involved, my accomplice and I hotfooted it to Backstage where CDLN had prepared a diverse barbeque and an hour-long free bar - sparking a pool party thick with water-pistols, balloons and infectious grins that lasted until midnight. Whilst other boat parties act as a fun pre-cursor to a larger event the Cirque de la Nuit crew has both the gravitas and charisma to create a day-long affair of their own design - presenting an affair which is both exhilirating and superb value for money. The organisers seem more generous friend than the deftly capable staff they are - such is the quality of the atmosphere and the spontaneous feel of the party. CDLN also operate Sankeys boats on Tuesdays and Sundays with Diynamic and Viva Warriors respectively, Tuesday catamaran sessions with Carl Cox's The Revolution and Ibiza Sonica, and 'club tour' packages - where you can extend a number of combined club-boat events over several days. The Cirque de la Nuit experience is one that I would gladly repeat as soon as time allows.

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