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Hed Kandi To Present Virtual Raves

Hed Kandi presents a virtual reality stream of it's Ibiza residency in collaboration with Sony Entertainment Network.

The global brand have made their next move in their virtual illustrated marketing campaign teaming up with multimedia conglomerate Sony Entertainment Network to present what may be a world first - an interactive virtual rave. Their chosen medium of delivery is Sony's 'PlayStation®Home', a 3D social gaming platform developed for the PS3 and it's online system the Playstation Network. The platform allows the user to create an avatar, similar to the popular Sims games with which you will be able to 'attend' any of Hed Kandi's forthcoming Once Upon A Time In Ibiza events - from September 11th onwards - held within San Antonio's Es Paradis.

The event marks the first anniversary of the a global licensing deal which saw Hed Kandi's compilations and singles made available via Sony's cloud-based music subscription service, Music Unlimited. Alongside the sensually angelic illustrated figures of HK's Ibiza party, this idea points towards a group who is fully embracing the digital side of the electronic market - although it may seem a little futuristic for the techiest among us hordes of pixelated users whooping down their computer mics should make for an interesting addition.

‘Once Upon a Time in Ibiza' takes place at Es Paradis every Saturday night featuring leading Hed Kandi Resident DJ's Carl Hanaghan, Sarah Louise, Ben Santiago and live instrumentalist Lovely Laura - saxaphone - and Dean Oram - percussion.

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