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Review: Pukka Up Boat Party: Playa D'en Bossa, 5th July

The original boat party merchants continue their ten year streak.

This season Pukka Up enters their tenth year of operation. The pretty in pink company who began with a single vessel now boasts a fleet of seven - selling out each week and delivering the 'original and best' boat party experience on Ibiza. The party sails from Playa d'en Bossa - and at a later time San Antonio - every Tuesday and Friday (see our review of the San An event here). After the infallible Internet provided me with a handful of different possible locations I found my way to the pre party location - Delano Beach Club. A vista of white beds and airy parasols, the bar seemed more like a sleepy spa then a vibey pre-party, perhaps rest was required to survive the energetic experience to come. Post ticket-wristband exchange you are whisked briefly Northwards on a Pukka bus to the Figuretas jetty where the banner clad vessel awaits. Greeted by an icy-cold glass of Sangria - the rosy constant of boat parties across the island - I wondered whether stepping aboard one boat party was like stepping aboard them all, and was pleasantly surprised to be proved wrong.

The success of Pukka Up comes from a strong belief in their own maxim: irrespective of what kind of music is playing, your task today is to have fun. The crowd was diverse: practical cowboy hats, thoughtful solo-goers and excitable veterans all waited impatiently for the music to begin. Cream resident Sean Hughes provided the varied soundtrack to the voyage and delivered a wonderfully eclectic output. As the silky, snowy white bow waves broke ahead of the boat the sounds of a funky, jazzy groove mingled with sun-kissed tech and jackin house. Mixing was tight and deft with the subtle use of effects and intelligent set construction that comes from hard DJ-ing experience. A perfect balance was struck between driving bombs and sunny flair - encapsulated when an acoustic guitar interlude sparked an impromptu flamenco pit in the centre of the dance floor. Surprisingly, the Americans on board had brought a flag that they attempted to wave from the highest possible point: cue wry smiles and humorous applause. As Nathan Fake's lauded gem 'The Sky Is Pink' fluttered above the glittering sea the Pukka Up spirit seemed in full flow - the combination of sun, sea and techno is an agreeable mix.

After arriving back on land punters had some time to kill and recover - the boat party includes free entry to Pacha's Insane before midnight. Residents Digweed and Kalbrenner reflect the diverse musical attitude of the Pukka Up family (the Tuesday boat party includes free entry to Together at Amnesia). Onboard there are different DJs each week - each pushing various styles - so go to sea with an open mind. Pink-clothed dancing girls and grooving music ahoy, Pukka Up are maintaining their winning formula. Tickets for all Pukka Up boat parties are available from Spotlight.

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