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D'Julz 'Da Madness' Remixes: Exclusive Stream

A blast from the past as D'julz's classic track 'Da Madness' gets the remix and re-release treatment, with an exclusive stream available to listen.

Released through his own imprint - Bass Culture Records - the classic track from D'julz is refreshed for 2013 with remixes from D'julz himself, along with Rolando, Doc Martin and The Martinez Brothers remixes.

So, why have you decided to re-release 'Da Madness'?

"Last year the martinez bros sent me an edit they made of my track with a phil weeks bassline. It sounded great and everybody involved was ok to release it . So i decided to build a remixes pack around it asking Rolando and Doc Martin to join us."

The EP will come out on your own Bass Culture imprint, how are things going with the label?

"The label is now almost 4 years old, it's crazy how fast it went! This year a lot of things have changed in the label organisation. We now have a new team ready to bring the label to the next level."

What was the process of going through the remixes for release? Did you choose who did them, or did artists submit remixes for you to choose from?

"Like I said the Martinez Brothers sent me this edit without real intention to release it. It was just a tool they were using to destroy their dancefloors. For the other remixes I personaly contacted the artists who I knew supported the original EP."

Cool. Talk us through your remix, what is different?

"Listening back to the original version they were few details I thought could be improved in the mixdown. For instance, the bass was out of tune and too low so I took this oportunity to fix that. I also just added an instrumental version of my mix for the digital release."

Do you think it is important for labels to look back in to their past in order to develop and move forward with new sounds and new releases? If not, why do you think artists go back to re-release re-edits of tracks?

"It's the first time I do this with my label and after more than 3 years of activity I believe the timing was right to look back. I am planing to release the first ever Bass Culture compilation at the end of the year to close the first chapter of this adventure before moving forward."

Tell us about how this seasons been for you at Circoloco at DC10 so far. Share a highlight or two. What are you looking forward to about your next appearance there on Monday 22nd?

"My first party of the season (the week after the opening) was one of my favorite Circoloco gig's so far. I was coming straight from my US tour so I was exhausted, but the vibe on the terrace and the amazing crowd gave me the energy to deliver a very good set. The 22nd July will be my birthday before I party so I'm sure it'll be as great as that first one."

Looking forward, what's coming up next for you in lothe second half of 2012?

"There are some hot EPs coming on Bass culture: Kasper with a beautiful remix of 'Fred P'. Then the 3rd EP of Mr G and a super strong single from Jordan Peak. As for me, I'll mix the first Bass Culture compilation and I will also release a new EP on Ovum."

D'julz 'Da Madness' is out now on Beatport, and you can catch him playing at DC10 on Monday 22nd July.

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