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Jon Rundell: Into the Intec

Pure Intec, Pure Techno. Tonight at Space.

Jon Rundell is a very busy man. Heading up the Pure Intec label, involved with running the Intec parties at Space this season, the first of which comes tonight, a new compilation album with Coxy, production work, touring and he still found time to check out the International Music Summit in Ibiza back in May, proof this guy has had his finger on the pulse of dance music for many years now. We had him as a podcaster back in March 2010 - number 015 - proof that we at Spotlight, myself included, are big fans.

Get yourself down to Space tonight for the Pure Intec party featuring Ben Sims, Pirupa, Marco Bailey and Jon Rundell on the Terraza and experience some proper, proper techno. The serious stuff folks. For now, check the below out and refresh your memory on all things Intec, techno and Jon Rundell.

Your album with Carl Cox has been out for just over a month now, what has the reaction been like? I'm digging it.

"So far so good. If there are any haters out there they have been pretty quiet, not that it would bother me, you cant please everyone. We have had some good interest from the press, which has been good of them so we treated them all to a few drinks at our recent party at XOYO in London. Maybe that had something to do with the good reviews? ;)"

Talk me through the concept of the album then...

"We decided for Carl's mix that he would mix all the remixes we had got in from his last artist album, All Roads Lead To The Dancefloor, it's a real mixture, some house some techno. We had some great mixes come in from Loco Dice, Sharam, Ben Sims, and Joel Mull as well as from the artists we are regularly supporting on the label like Tomy DeClerque and Chris Count."

"For my mix we thought we would use to as a statement of intent for our year of releases ahead. We had signed quite a few records by this point, and now they have featured on the compilation they are being released each month on their respective EP's."

I noticed you used a couple of the tracks a few times, with different mixes?

"Yes, we just had such a varied amount of mixes in for some of the original tracks off Carl's album we thought he could mix them in his own unique way to tell the story of them from start to finish."

You also just saw your debut release on MB Elektronics with ‘Impact'. What can people expect?

"It's full on techno! Impact and Blockade don't mess around, its been great to get involved with a label I have so many releases of, and when Marco asked me to right something for him, I thought back to the style and sound of the label years back, and Impact was born, with a more modern interpretation from that time before."

You were recently at this years International Music Summit, is that right? What did you think of it? Any highlights?

"Yes I was out there for a few days. Each year just gets better and better, they are putting a lot of thought into the panels, I particularly enjoying listen to Idris Elba talk about acting and his love of music, its always interesting to learn about peoples journeys. The great thing I also saw were people from all over the world, America, Australia, South America, and of course a heavy European presence, which makes you realize how far and reaching our scene really is, and all without the need for TV adverts…"

You have a night at Space this week... what can you tell us about that?

"We've been hosting rooms at Carl's Tuesdays nights for a while now and felt with the current roster it was time to enhance it. We will be at Space on the 2nd July with Ben Sims, Marco Bailey and Pirupa. You can also expect the same level of production visually and in sound, as you would get at Space and any Intec party of late."

And you'll be playing at Carl Cox's party on a Tuesday too?

"Absolutely! It's one of the gigs I always hope to be asked back for and always such an honor to play there, especially after closing the main room for him last year. 30th July and 24th September are the dates to look out for."

I also see you'll be playing the newly named Cirque De La Nuit boat party this season?

"Yes, I play every year for Igor on Sonica Radio and he asked us if we would like to jam one afternoon on there for him so we got it all arranged and I'm looking forward to some fun in the sun!"

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