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Ibiza Fiesta: San Jorge 12

Who'd have thought that when St George slew the wicked maiden-eating dragon

Who'd have thought that when St George slew the wicked maiden-eating dragon, that this feat would be celebrated hundreds of years later in Ibiza? As we all probably know now, the town of San Jorge (Sant Jordi in Catalan) has St George as its patron saint and celebrates his day on 23rd April with great gusto.

There are several weeks of activities planned for this year's celebration and these included simple pursuits such as card games, pool comps, ping-pong, Scrabble in Catalan, fishing, Play Station, chess, football, a second-hand car market, and the list goes on...........

Holidaymakers will be interested in the items below which we've cherry picked from the council's agenda which take place in the town centre unless otherwise stated:
14/04, 20.00 – 'Tour Jordier.' A musical tapas route around the town's bars (tapa + wine/beer = €2.5)
21/04, 22.00 – Fiesta Revival with La Movida (photo) DJs Petit & Vazquez
22/04, 12.00 – Trotting races in San Rafael Hippodrome
23/04, 11.00 – Mass, cart procession and folk dancing
23/04, 21.00 – Magic Show
23/04, 22.30 – Old Star Covers live concert – hits from the past
28/04, 20.00 – Can Blau Gospel concert in the church
28/04, 22.00 – Projecte Mut live in concert

crowd at la movida party, ibiza

The full programme of events in Spanish and Catalan can be downloaded from the San Jose Council website.

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