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Review: Tapas Restaurant, San Antonio

Within walking distance from San Antonio Town Centre this Tapas restaurant is a great, relaxed night out for everyone.


Tapas is traditionally small dishes of Spanish foods, often savory, that are served at the bar with drinks.

However the concept has long moved on and arriving at TAPAS in San Antonio, we were seated in a spacious outdoor restaurant area and offered a menu of ...Tapas.

The venue is within walking distance of the centre of San Antonio and if you're driving there's an ample size carpark.

My guest for the evening had already experienced the venue and with her guidance, we selected a range of five dishes between the two of us - including, and as she said to me at the time, "You MUST try this" - the uniquely named House Special called Popeye (the description wasn't entirely thrilling - spinach, cheese and minced beef - but do read on!)

Tapas restaurant san antonio

We also decided to indulge in jug of Sangria, for although the sun was setting across San Antonio, the evening was still strikingly warm (that's my excuse and I am sticking to it)

The atmosphere at TAPAS is relaxed, informal and fun. This is a place to go with friends, to take your time, to drink, eat, laugh and simply indulge in the best of Ibiza lifestyle - to chill out.

That said, the service couldn't be faulted as the staff were attentive and keen to help with every query. Where there vegetarian options? Gluten free options? Everything could be catered for.

Tapas restaurant san antonio

My eye had already caught the prices (low - on average about 5 euros a dish) and I was wondering if the quality would be the same. However I need not have worried at all. The calamari was fresh and tender, the prawns huge, the fish cakes firm, moist and delicious.

As my guest and I chatted, shared the Sangria, I popped a little of each tapas on my plate, engrossed in the conversation. Almost without thinking I helped myself to a mouthful of "popeye" and the conversation stopped; my look of amazement making my guest laugh. The dish was incredible - so much so that I asked the restaurant to prepare another for me to take home for my partner. This had to be shared.

Tapas restaurant san antonio

After a very enjoyable hour or two enjoying our Tapas, it was time to try the dessert. Again, my guest recommended the House Brownie and it was clear to see why. With soft chocolate brownie mix in the middle and firm crust, it was the brownie we all yearn for.

As we had sat across the hours the restaurant started to quietly fill and looking around me, everyone was clearly enjoying themselves, enjoying this inexpensive but good quality location. It was clear that many came here often to enjoy their night - always a good sign although by now I was already convinced based on my own experience.

Finally I ordered a cocktail that wasn't on the list and in keeping with the rest of our evening, it wasn't a problem for the staff at all.

Tapas restaurant san antonio

Fine dining is well catered for on the island and sometimes it seems that trying to just enjoy a reasonable meal is more of a hit and miss affair. However, now you know about TAPAS, if you're in the San Antonio area, you can be assured of a good night - great food, great atmosphere and no overdraft required.

or call 971 341 125 to make a reservation.

The restaurant opens from 6pm and on Sundays they have started to served traditional British Sunday Roast, which by looking at their Facebook page, seems to be a great success!

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