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Ibiza Sales Time!

Sales start early in Ibiza. Get ready to go sales shopping from 2nd Jan, allowing ample time to find the perfect gift before the Three Kings arrive, 06th Jan.

loro piana overcoatFeeling down after the excitement of Christmas? Then do what I do, and buy a little bit of happiness in the New Year sales. Even if it's only a small token purchase - for me, a new Mulberry bag, Loro Piana overcoat (photo) or Missoni muffler do the trick – a day at the sales will work wonders for your psyche!

The good news is that the sales here in Ibiza start on 2nd January this year, the earliest ever. Unbelievably in the 21st century, the start of the sales is controlled by the Balearic Government and not the shopkeepers themselves and normally the sales only start after the Reyes (Three Kings) holiday but this has changed next year for economic and social reasons.

Spain's in a financial mess, the economy is lying prostrate at the bottom of a fiscal cliff, millions are unemployed and people aren't out spending. So well done the Balearic Government for noticing this and giving shopkeepers some way of liquidising up a bit of cash flow a bit earlier than normal.

sales in ibiza

Twenty or thirty years ago, Christmas in Spain was a much more religious affair, with people exchanging presents on the 5th or 6th January when the Three Kings from the east came to town bearing gifts. Slowly but surely the commercial aspects of Christmas have gained popularity, mostly because it's at the start of the school hols and kids have more time to play with their toys and less time to pester their parents. In days of yore the kids didn't even have the time to break or get bored with their Kings' presents before they were back at school.

With very few purchases made for the Kings these days – most parents give their kids money to spend how they like – why not bring the sales forward? So, let's go SHOPPING!

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