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Ibiza Style - New Year, New You!

Leena's gone and done it again. In wonderfully irreverent style, she tackles both your inner and outer Ibiza Style and offers great tips for your Ibiza Clothes Shopping choices


It's been a while since we all clambered out of our post-apocalyptic bunkers. For those of you cynics who failed to stock up on tins of spam and candles, maybe you are just suffering from Christmas/New year burn out instead. Point is… A new era is awaiting us, Ibiza Style. New Year, New You.

This suits me just fine as New Year's Resolutions never work for me. This year, thanks to the inspiration from my Mayan mates, I'm up for trying new things and a bit of that “shifting of my consciousness” (A refreshing change from being mostly unconscious)

So in true Ibiza style let's get on it. Let's purge those toxins, look inwards, find our inner child maybe. Then when we are all purified we can decorate ourselves on the outside with some New Year sales gems. I've even put together sales savvy tips for your Ibiza clothes shopping expedition.

First up after all that over indulgence is a little bit of self-love. Not the silent meditation type or even the one that makes you go blind. This is the delicious “My body is a temple” no effort type in the form of iPurify juices. Creator and juice maestro, Cliff Gubbins' passion for all things holistic originally took form in a beautiful juice bar on Benirras.

iPurify Ibiza Style Ibiza Clothes Shopping

iPurify Information

Taking his vision of health and happiness further he created iPurify, a live juice cleanse delivered straight to your door. No stranger to juicing, if I'm still able to operate machinery when hung-over, I whizz myself up a green juice. Trust me they can be delicious and are great for when you feel stressed, sluggish and bloated.

Here's the science: Juicing is a proven way of detoxifying our systems. It speeds up the body's natural ability to efficiently remove toxins whilst limiting the intake of new ones. The beauty with iPurify is that it uses a hydraulic press. This means a much higher concentration of vitamins and mineral are extracted. The results: improved circulation, better digestion, glowing skin, weight loss and a more alert mind.

Not convinced? Check out our Editor-in-Chiefs' real life review complete with toilet breaks (Yep, thanks for reminding folks of that.. Ed'). Swapping her medicinal hierbas to a 6-a-day juice habit may have required discipline but there was no denying the results.

For Richer For Porer Ibiza Style Ibiza Clothes Shopping
LaidBare - For Richer For Porer (£6.99)

iPurify takes out all the hard work for you. This means more time to pamper with a face mask. Its easy to forget our skin is our biggest organ. It's also the biggest tell-tale sign of too many night havin it in DC10. For Richer, for Porer miracle mask has Kaolin clay to help draw out impurities. I can almost feel the baddies being sucked away, leaving my skin radiant. All nighter... what all nighter?

Now we've dealt with our bodies let's take a look at our minds. I'm a yoga bunny and this year I'll be booking in for a few days of downward dog action with Yoga and Ayurvedic Guru, Liliana (pictured, top of article). Yoga amidst the natural beauty of Ibiza is perfect for restoring some kind of balance to a fuzzy mind and battered soul. It's a come and go as you fancy vibe, pure Ibiza style. Start your spiritual journey with some daily sun salutations today.

For more information on Liliana's Ibiza Events

Finally at one with the Universe and ourselves it's time to adorn ourselves. With the sales on here's a few tips to help in your Ibiza clothes shopping mission.
(Please note that these exact items may not be in the sales. This serves as a guide only)

Leopard Print Skirt Ibiza Style Ibiza Clothes Shopping

Leopard Print Skirt - Warehouse, £30.00

1. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Consult your wardrobe before you hit the shops. You already have 4 pairs of skinny jeans. Look for “missing items”. A pencil skirt or cocktail trousers? Both 2013 staples. Feed your feline desires with this leopard print pencil skirt. A good animal print never dates. Gold cocktail trousers are a chic alternative to black trousers.

Gold Trousers
Hobbs - Gold Trousers (£149.00)

2. Money, Money, Money. Have a budget and stick to it! Beware the seductive sales tag. Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it needs to sleep in your home tonight. Do you love it? Would you buy it even if it wasn't in the sale? No? Then kick it the kerb. If you are going to splash the cash then remember quality over quantity. Look for luxury fabrics like cashmere as they last forever, making them great investments. Hand printed, dyed and woven using traditional artisan techniques, this scarf is exquisite. Like a thousand soft kisses planted on my neck, warm enough to guard me against chilly winter winds and cool enough to wear slung low on my hips on the beach. This piece of opulence is not just for Christmas but for life.

Scarf Ibiza Style Ibiza Clothes Shopping

Scarf - Beshlie McKelvie

4. Full Metal Jacket. Sales are full of great Winter Coats. Make them part of your Ibiza clothes shopping list. This real Wool Velvet trimmed one is a super elegant addition and the style will last well into 2013.

Velvet Jacket Ibiza Style Ibiza Clothes Shopping
Jacket by ZARA

5. These boots were made for walking. Shoes can be great buys. Again look for quality classic pieces. Gentlemen, this work man boot style with laces is a big trend for 2013. Wear with jeans or formal trousers.

Boots Ibiza Style Ibiza Clothes Shopping

Boots by Hudsons

6. Oooops I did it again... Inspect all leather good before you buy, especially handbags. Keep colours neutral. Put down the neon pink tote immediately and pick up this classic black leather one instead.

Handbag Ibiza Style Ibiza Clothes Shopping

Handbag from Forbes and Lewis

7. Man In the Mirror. Changing rooms can be smellier and busier than an Ibizan night club at 4 in the morning. Can't face trying something on? Then make sure you know what the returns policy is. Don't get stuck with a non-refundable item. Alternatively find a shop floor mirror and strike a pose.

So, now we are all highly evolved and leading pure lives I feel a little balance is needed. With all the detoxing can someone please pour me Mexican strength tequila… all in honour of the Mayans of course.

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