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3 Cool Events before Closing Week

The Closing Parties are fast approaching but in the meantime, Ibiza isn't slacking on cool events. Check them out.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that as of next week nothing but preparation for the Super Clubs huge closing parties is going on, commencing the first week of October. Across the World people are busily booking flights ready to come to the island for the seasonal finales. If you're already on the island, stand still for a moment and you can almost feel the building buzz of expectation. Thousands upon thousands of people will arrive as Space, Amnesia, Privilege and Ushuaia get ready to say "thank you" for 2012 with parties that will be spoken of right around the World.

However Ibiza never really stands still and scratch just beneath the surface of the chatter about these giants and you will find other events ramping it up. More intimate but arguably just as enjoyable, these events are where those in the know are heading before the Super Clubs Closing Parties wow us all.

Wax Da Jam at Aura

Wax Da Jam Aura 25th September 2012 Final

A perfect example would be Wax Da Jam at Aura for the last time this season. These nights have been a huge success for Aura and this finale on 25th September promises to be a party not to miss. The line-up is musically mouth-watering and frankly being able to stand right in front of Shovell (percussionist for M People back in the day) is enough to inspire goosebumps. Combine his presence with the others and it's a night worthy of your time. For more information, check out Aura Ibiza


MODIFIED Ibiza San Antonio September 2012

Another event sneaking on to our radar is the fabulous MODIFIED II Weekender. This weekend was a roaring success last time and for Vinyl lovers, San Antonio, 28th-30th September is the place to be. Vinyl DJ's from across the World are flying in to wow those who appreciate this sound and even the Northern Soul Dance Champion is rocking up for it. Check out their Facebook page to make sure you don't miss a beat - MODIFIED Ibiza.

FREE DJ Workshops

Point Blank London Free DJ Workshops Es Vive

Of course, listening to music by the greats is fabulous but what if you yourself want to play those beats or create your own? All too often, trying out DJ'ing can be an expensive curiosity. Not on Ibiza, not next week. On 27th September, 12-6pm, Point Blank Music School is flying on to the island and taking up residence at the fabulous Es Vive hotel and showcasing some of Pioneers latest kit. That would be quite something unto itself but we always like to take it a step further on Ibiza so turn up and enjoy an afternoon of free DJ Workshops, with Clara da Costa, former resident DJ at Es Paradis. For more information and to book your place, check out Point Blank London

Music? Ibiza is it and the above is one kicking way to warm up for the Closing Parties that follow the week after. Enjoy!

BONUS: The List Agency has just arrived on Ibiza. Working with new musical talent and comfortably established in London, founders Paul Spicer and Matt Firth are looking to add an extra dynamic to Ibiza in 2013. This week they were on the island with singer / songwriter Portia Emare and after a launch at Pikes Ibiza Rocks Hotel I get the feeling they might pop up in various places before they return to the UK. Worth keeping an eye out for...

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