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Old Ibiza News – Flights

Thanks to Google's archive news, it's possible to read news clippings

Thanks to Google's archive news, it's possible to read news clippings about Ibiza from years gone by from some unlikely sources. Browsing through the Ibiza section I found some interesting old news with the common theme of flights.

In November 1979, the Calgary Herald reported the story of a Caravelle commercial jetliner with 109 people aboard which made an unscheduled overnight stop in Valencia during its journey from Mallorca to Tenerife. The pilot reported that he had been pursued over Ibiza by four UFOs, 'bright red balls, bigger than the stars, and shooting sparks!'

The Pittsburgh Press tells the tale of a Spanish DC3 airliner which ditched into the sea in June 1964 whilst flying from Mallorca to Ibiza. Nearby fishermen managed to rescue 27 of the 28 people on board, as the plane, which had suffered engine failure, sank within 5 minutes.

Back in September 1967, The Sydney Morning Herald, had the story of a plane hijack in Ibiza. The two British pilots of a plane carrying Moise Tshombe, the ex Prime Minister of the Congo, had just been released from prison in Algeria. The had been held there since the end of the previous June when a Frenchman who had hired the plane to take Tshombe from Ibiza to Mallorca, fired two shots and ordered the pilots to change course for a military airfield in the north African Country. Tshombe, who had been sentenced to death by a Congolese court, died of heart failure in 1969 whilst still in custody in Algeria.

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