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Reiki on Ibiza

Although also ‘hands on’, Reiki is less outwardly invasive than massage. Holistically it is a powerful force to assist healing at all levels and is ever growing in popularity as a therapy.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese natural healing system, later generously shared with us in the West. Rei=Universal and Ki=Life Energy; together affectionately known as “love and light”. In a Reiki session, this vital life force – which powers all living things – is channelled in its purest form from source, via a Reiki practitioner. It's applied with a sequence of hands-on, or -off, positions over a fully-clothed client's body. Reiki works on a holistic level – treating physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in combination – and clearing blocks on all levels to cure or prevent disease.

The benefits of Reiki are numerous, with even modern science and medicine recognising its irrefutable healing potential, and many hospitals welcoming it alongside conventional treatment. It's thanks to this recognition, that the system is now ranked as a mainstream practice, and growing daily in its global popularity.

The power of Reiki is in an individual's desire and willingness to be healed. It has been used to ease people of all manners of “dis-ease”; including stress, grief, anxiety-related conditions (such as asthma, insomnia and panic attacks), back and muscular pain, broken bones, and even acute and chronic diseases.

People seek Reiki for many different reasons. Some present with tangible physical or emotional pain in need of speedy respite, others with a longing to get their bodies or minds back in balance, or to prompt a renewed sense of perspective and overall wellbeing. It works as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with conventional medical intervention. In many ways, Reiki is most heralded for its ability to offer a comfortable, accessible, relaxing and gentle healing form, with very profound and lasting effects. One thing's for sure, clients always leave a session feeling calm, restored and wearing a noticeable Reiki glow about them – so if you're feeling at all “out of sorts”, Reiki may be just the thing to sort you back out …


Reiki in Ibiza
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A highly recommended Master Reiki Practitioner for over 10 years, Cat uses this gentle, yet profound form of holistic healing to treat physical complaints, emotional distress or restore balance. She... Holistic healing on Ibiza - Reiki on Ibiza - Mind, body & soul on Ibiza

With 14 years of experience, Reiki master, Cat, cordially invites you to enjoy an ancient Japanese natural healing system; powered up with the knowledge that you´re in a very safe pair of hands!

Effortlessly treating people on an emotional, physical and spiritual level in combination, Reiki has hit the mainstream as a very welcome healing tool; deeply profound, and yet refreshingly simple in its application. Sessions typically promote: better sleep, a decrease in anxiety/depression, grounding, clarity, balance, perspective, and enhanced recovery from physical pain or illness.

Praised for her competence and warm-hearted approach, Cat will seamlessly ease you into a very relaxing fully-clothed hands-on healing session; with integrated or stand-alone guided counselling on request. For a one-off pick-me-up, or discounted course of sessions, pop by her Reiki-infused healing room near San Carlos, or enjoy the luxury of a home visit. Prepare to emerge from her Reiki bubble with a comforting sense of renewed calm, and newfound “high definition” outlook on life!

Reiki training, and counselling via Skype, also available.

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