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Pacha Restaurant's "eat your tickets" might be Ibiza's best kept secret

Save money with fine dining and world class clubbing combined.

Years ago, the likes of Atlantis, Tanit's cave and the abandoned Festival Club were Ibiza's little secrets that only a select few had the privilege of knowing about. Sadly, in many ways, the explosion of social media means that these one-time secrets are secrets no more.

Somewhat bizarrely, the influencers have still yet to cotton on to one of Ibiza's most glaring modern best-kept secrets...

Hidden in plain sight, Pacha's El Restaurante's late-night dining offer "eat your tickets" might be the deal of the century. We're even tempted to call it a "steal"!

Here's how it works.

Dine in the club's on-site restaurant and get free admission into the club afterwards, so long as you hit the designated minimum spend for that night. Basically, you "eat your tickets" costs, saving yourself whatever you would normally pay in entrance fees.

El Restaurante | Pacha Ibiza

That can be as much as €90 for Music On and Solomun +1 in pre-sale (and more versus the price on the door!)

While the restaurant does price itself at the higher end of scale, the quality of food and service justifies it.

Look at it another way: if you were already planning a holiday splurge one night for dinner and hit the club afterwards, this option just makes perfect sense. You're essentially eliminating one sizeable cost. Plus, you don't need to factor in the price of a taxi.

It can also be a cheat code in another way...

The observant amongst you will already know that Music On has been selling out all summer. Now we're in closing party season, other residencies are starting to sell out too. While the pre-sale allocation may have finished, often there are still tables available in the restaurant. Voilà!

El Restaurante | Pacha Ibiza

Conveniently, you can book your restaurant table directly through Ibiza Spotlight. To check availability for the next two weeks, please visit our party calendar.

For bookings 3 to 8 October, click here.
For bookings 9 to 15 October, click here.

Minimum spend per head applies and is higher for the busier, more popular nights. The full amount is available to spend on your food and drinks.

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