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Chilling by the pool: El Silencio

The best spots on Ibiza to sip cocktails and build your tan.

Overlooked by craggy rocks, pines and exclusive villas in the bay of Cala Molí, sits El Silencio. It's the kind of place where you can imagine a dazed and bruised James Bond coming around in an all-female subservient society. "Am I dreaming?" You might be.

Taken from the vivid imagination of visionary film director and conceptual artist David Lynch, El Silencio lives up to its name by being a world away from the bright lights and crowds found elsewhere.

A restaurant, relaxing pool and sunset bar that hosts live music sessions, El Silencio is a gorgeous destination where you can spend your entire day and night.

To make the most of the chilled pool vibes, we set ourselves up with two large (and very comfortable beds) for an afternoon of laze and luxury.

Chilling by the pool: El Silencio

First port of call, was sampling the delicacies from the cocktail menu. These came in the form of a refreshing Watermelon Margarita and Pineau Vice - a light and tasty coconut-based cocktail. (No Dry Martinis on this occasion, but arriving shaken, not stirred nevertheless).

Both went down a little too easily.

We couldn't say no to a taste of the pool menu and quickly delved into the giant burrata salad, Hamachi sashimi and tuna tartar, while others in the group treated themselves to fresh oysters and a sour ceviche.

Beautifully presented, these dishes were light yet powerfully flavoured. We could not refrain from mopping every last flavour from the plate with the home-baked focaccia bread.

Chilling by the pool: El Silencio

Although the raw seafood wasn't to everybody's taste, it meant that others gravitated straight to the dessert offerings at the behest of their sweet tooth. The vanilla panna cotta with fresh strawberries proved equally as delightful.

From there it was chill time. What can we tell you?

We chatted, sipped Sauvignon Blanc and dozed, fully relaxed amongst the natural surroundings. A combo of the call of cicadas and dreamy soundtrack of Jazz, '80s Synth Pop and more mediative sounds of crashing waves, serene birdsong and wind chimes. The large umbrellas kept us well-shaded, giving us a welcome relief in the summer heat.

Before leaving we caught one of Cala Molí's stunning sunsets, which are a natural and beautiful bonus to a location like this.

El Silencio | Cala Molí

Whether you're an undercover agent on His Majesty's Secret Service, a tech start-up entrepreneur or just an arty type who loves Ibiza's bohemian scene, El Silencio is a dream sequence you won't want to wake up from.

For more information and to view the menu, please visit our El Silencio page.

WORDS | by Lissy Lübeck, Hayley Morgan and Stephen Hunt

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