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Melodic Techno playlist takeover | Mathame for Afterlife

We hand control of the aux lead to brothers Matteo and Amedeo Giovanelli.

Despite a 12 year age gap, brothers Matteo and Amedeo Giovanelli have always shared on bond.

Raised in a home filled with music, their parents ran a pirate radio station in Italy. When the family later moved to the shadow of Mount Etna, Matteo and Amedeo found themselves inspired by their locale. This is when Mathame was born.

Exploring themes from spirituality, love, the isolation of man in the vast universe and, of course, the bond that connects two brothers, Mathame bring a force of interstellar proportions to life.

Early productions, including Skywalking and Nothing Around Us, were picked up by Tale Of Us and it wasn't long before Mathame were invited into the fold at Afterlife - finding a home both the label and the worldwide party series. Already, this summer the duo have played on Ibiza.

On 30 June, the duo released debut album MEMO on Astralwerks. When handed our aux lead, Matteo and Amedeo have exclusively picked tracks from it.

Mathame's Melodic Techno playlist takeover

Mathame feat Small Black | Unreality | Astralwerks

"What you listen to today is the very first version of Unreality. It's one of the first tracks we composed for the album. We made this track during the late night and it has this mysterious, nocturnal vibe."

Mathame feat Lyke | Who | Astralwerks

"There was so much inspiration around us when we made the track by the sea in Mykonos, during the summer. It’s an intimate track and we wanted the listeners to feel the lyrics, which we wrote with Lyke."

Mathame feat Biishop | The Doors | Astralwerks

"Biishop's voice on this track is deep and intense, yet emotional and resonates well on the dancefloor."

Mathame | Run Boy | Astralwerks

"This track is an ode to the sun, lights and wind in your face on a warm summer day. Sunset vibes with an underlying love theme."

Mathame | There Is A Light | unreleased

"Our intro for one yand a half years, we made this one in September 2021 before Sonus Festival in Croatia. The vocals, spoken by Tom O'Bedlam, are read like a dark legend. It's a suspenseful tale that hooks you into the fire."

You can listen to our Melodic Techno playlist in full below.

Follow the playlist here and subscribe to our Spotify channel here.

MEMO is out now via Astralwerks and is available to download and stream from all reputable platforms.

Mathame return to Hï Ibiza for Afterlife on Thursday 21 September, where they head up the Club Room alongside Brina Knauss and Alfa Romero. Meanwhile, Sven Väth joins Tale Of Us in The Theatre. Click here to view the rest of Mathame's 2023 Ibiza dates.

Tickets for all remaining Afterlife dates can be purchased below.

HEADER IMAGE | by Giovanni Mocchetti

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