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10 surprising facts about Pacha Ibiza

Reflecting on 50 years of Ibiza's oldest super-club.

With a glorious history now dating back 50 staggering years on Ibiza, Pacha is an island legend. Check out these facts about the club to test your knowledge about one of the world's premier nightclub brands. How many of these did you know?

1. Although many people think Pacha started in Ibiza, in actuality, the original Pacha was founded in the seaside town of Sitges in 1967, 35 km southwest of Barcelona.

2. The word Pacha (pronounced pa-cha with the accent on the second syllable) means "lord" or "master" in Turkish.

The idea to call the nightclub Pacha came from owner Ricardo Urgell's wife, Marisa Cobos, who joked that the money they earned from the club would enable them to live like "pachas".

3. The night club's iconic cherry logo was inspired by the make-up of Carmen Sevilla, a renowned Spanish actress.

4. The takings on the opening night of Pacha Ibiza, in June 1973, were 40,000 pesetas, $300 in today's money. Back then, the club had just 15 employees, compared to over 400 people nowadays.

Pacha's energy consumption at that time was a paltry 300 watts; today it uses 40,000!

5. There used to be a swimming pool, and revellers would strip off and jump in. What's more, island residents used to do their grocery shopping at the market in town then leave their shopping bags at the door and go partying.

F*** ME I'M FAMOUS! by David Guetta | Pacha Ibiza

6. Back before he was a household name and super-producer to the biggest artists on the planet, David Guetta launched his F*** ME I'M FAMOUS! night at Pacha Ibiza in the early 2000s. Although he left Pacha after summer 2018, the club was pivotal in turning him into a star.

7. Singer-songwriter James Blunt's second album, released in 2006, spawned the chart hit 1973, a reference to the year Pacha opened on Ibiza. A big fan of Pacha and Ibiza in general, he based the song on the scene he found there. Listen to the lyrics in the track below.

8. Pacha's DJ booth is mounted on wheels so that it can be moved around the dancefloor during performances.

9. Ricardo's office still has pride of place in the club (and is even accessible for a lucky few!), despite the fact that Pacha Group has changed ownership twice since he sold his majority share. Have you ever found the door?

Most recently, Dubai-based holdings company FIVE Holdings made a reported €320 million investment. That's one way to celebrate your 50th!

Pacha Ibiza by Mario Pinta

10. In 2022, when Pacha Ibiza reopened after having closed for nearly three years owing to COVID-19 pandemic, there was a sell-out crowd of 3,795. Solomun was on the decks, and the club broke records for the sale of drinks.

Pacha Ibiza celebrates it's landmark birthday with a 50th Anniversary Party on Wednesday 2 August. The giant party starts during the day at Destino, before continuing at Pacha from midnight.

This special event brings together the club's two biggest stars for the first time ever. Solomun and Marco Carola will play back-to-back, while regular Wednesday hosts Bedouin will open the night.

Tickets for that exclusive party are on sale now and available to buy below. For all other Pacha news and parties, please head here or browse full listings on our party calendar.

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