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7Pines Resort brings Wellness Masters to Ibiza

Throughout the summer, the luxury 7Pines Resort is hosting a Wellness Masters Series in the fabulous setting of its Pure Seven Spa.


Inspired by nature and movement, 7Pines Ibiza's series of transformative experiences welcomes an international line-up of exceptional wellness experts with cutting-edge approaches designed to develop inner balance and transcend the boundaries of mind, body, and soul. 

Eager to find out more, Ibiza Spotlight sent one of the team to have a session with the first expert in the Masters Series, Stefano Beconcini. Read on to find out more…

Stefano Beconcini is a highly experienced physical therapist whose work combines elements from Western bodywork schools such as Structural Integration, Neuromuscular Therapy and Rolfing with Eastern Sen Healing bodywork based on the body’s energy lines. He focuses on manipulating the body’s fascia, or soft tissue, to restore its natural balance and relieve pain.

Softly spoken and gentle, he began the session by carrying out an appraisal of my posture, alignment and balance, viewing me from all sides and asking me to walk around the room so as to assess my gait. He carefully noted any places in my body that showed misalignment and/or imbalance. We also discussed my postural habits when working.

Having revealed some issues in my lower back and pelvic zone, he suggested we focus on my lower body for the initial session. The treatment began with some gentle rocking movements that served to loosen the muscles in preparation for the deeper work to come. Combining stretches from yoga and Thai massage with deep tissue work, he massaged my feet, legs and the key areas in my pelvis to release any underlying muscular tensions. 

Stefano’s approach is definitely hands-on and interactive; when I wasn’t drifting off into a blissful state of relaxation, he was encouraging me to give him feedback and use my own physical resistance to work in tandem with him.

When the 90 minutes were up, he asked me to get up and walk slowly around the room. The change was immediate: I felt lighter, looser and better aligned. The subtle sensation of freedom lasted for several days afterwards. There’s no question that Stefano’s work has a transformative effect.

From 7-13 July, 7Pines will host an exclusive body sculpting programme - RasaGOTraining - with Ramón Sánchez. This will be followed at the end of July by an aquatic Watsu session in the spa’s lovely pool with Fernando Gallego, aimed at improving circulation and encouraging inner peace.

The final therapist in the Masters Wellness Series is Andrew Rosenstock who, from 5 to 12 August - will conduct treatments that include deep structural bodywork, nervous system regulation, abdominal detoxification massage and holistic healing. 

Book your place now to make sure you don’t miss out on these unique opportunities to heal body, mind and soul with genuine leaders in the wellness field.


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