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Tipping in Ibiza: All You Need to Know

How much, where, when and why to tip during your holiday on Ibiza

When visiting Ibiza for the first time, it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with local customs, and that includes tipping etiquette. Tipping varies widely from one country to another, so while it is commonplace in many countries in Europe and even more so in the United States, on Ibiza it is not always necessary. That said, if you'd like to show your appreciation for excellent service on Ibiza, go ahead.

To learn more about tipping on Ibiza, whether it's at a restaurant, bar, hotel, or when taking a taxi, read our guide below.

Understanding the Norms

Though tipping is not mandatory on Ibiza, it is greatly appreciated. In fact, leaving a tip ‘una propina’ is particularly welcome as the very high cost of living and accommodation here means that most of what serving staff earn goes on daily expenses, leaving little left over to save up for the off-season. Also, if you are dining, the person serving you will normally ensure the tip is shared out among the kitchen staff.

Recommended Tipping Practices

Tipping in Restaurants 

Visitors from the USA may be inclined to leave a tip of up to 20% of the bill. For excellent service at restaurants in Ibiza, on the other hand, a general guideline is to leave a tip of around 10% of the total bill. However, make sure you inspect the bill first - look out for the words servicio incluido - as some restaurants may already include a service charge.

If you're paying by card, you can indicate the size of the tip amount on the receipt or just tell the server how much you'd like to leave. Naturally, many people pay - and tip - by card nowadays, but cash is fine and even preferred. 

Tipping in Hotels

When it comes to the housekeeper, a tip of one euro per night is enough, though feel free to leave more for exemplary service. As cleaning staff rotate regularly, it’s probably better to tip daily, rather than leaving a lump sum when you depart. If your hotel has a porter to help carry bags, one euro per bag is recommended. A similar amount is suggested for room service.

Guests staying at all-inclusive hotels on Ibiza often wonder how much to tip, especially as they may go entirely "cashless". Bear in mind that the staff in all-inclusive hotels generally earn less in tips than in standard hotels, so if you are particularly pleased with the service you've received, it's a nice gesture to leave something at the end of your stay. Ten or 15 euros would be sufficient for the house cleaner for a fortnight's stay. 

Tipping in bars, cafés, and clubs

Tipping at cafés is not customary among locals on Ibiza. Nevertheless, if you stop by a café for a coffee, you can always leave any coins you get back as change. When at a bar or in a club, if paying by card, check to see if a tip has been included automatically. If not, you can always adjust the amount to include something.


When it comes to travelling by taxi, you can simply round up the fare to the nearest euro. If, however, you've got luggage and the taxi driver loads and unloads it, you might choose to be more generous. 

High-end dining and once-in-a-lifetime tips

At some of the island's top clubs, most notably those in the exclusive zone of the marinas in Ibiza Town, it's not unheard of for multimillionaire clients to leave huge tips. Not long ago, one big spender left no less than 80,000 euros at one such club! 

We don't expect you to go that far, but next time you enjoy a delicious meal on the white island, don't forget to show your appreciation with a nice tip. Your gesture will really brighten the day or night of the waiting staff who are the backbone of the catering industry on Ibiza and who contribute to making it such a fantastic destination for holidaymakers from all over the world.

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