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Alex Serra & Totidub's Trance Life gets the Back To Live treatment

Live music returns to Las Dalias with the band's first album performance for House Of Frequency.

Historically, Las Dalias has never conformed.

Since 1948, well before anywhere else, Ibiza's oldest music venue has long featured music experimental in nature and taken from all corners of the globe. This policy combined with a rebellious, anti-authority attitude and alternative worldview.

Much has changed in the decades since, but Las Dalias hasn't wavered much. It's still pushing boundaries and laying on an experience you won't find elsewhere.

House Of Frequency is the next to take the baton on Back To Live Thursdays and it has some ambitious plans. You might want to don your space suit for 15 June...

Alex Serra and his inseparable musical partner Totidub have chosen Las Dalias to present tracks from their next project, Trance Life. Performing music from the album for the first time, Alex Serra, Totidub and their full band promise an immersive audiovisual show that plunges concertgoers into a new spatial and extrasensory world.

Accompanied by the Kampai Co dance company and visuals specially developed by Na Lua, the show promises to be out of this world. Are you prepared for the trip?

Back in reality, the Feathered Sun collective will be waiting in Akasha lining-up an extraordinary DJ set to end the night on a high.

If this has piqued your curiosity, then head below and sign-up to the space programme by securing your tickets.

Back To Live listings - 2024

Las Dalias - Akasha

Lia Kali

Las Dalias garden (from 20.00 to 23.00 h)
Las Dalias - Akasha

Macaco & Friends

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