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Fat Tony brings Full Fat to O Beach for indulgent one-off treat

A calorific takeover is in store for Sunday 9 July with the podcaster and friends.

After playing O Beach's 2022 Closing Party to raptuous , UK club legend Fat Tony returns for a one-off takeover under his Full Fat party series on Sunday 9 July.

Joining Fat Tony for the exclusive O Beach takeover are London supremes Sophie Lloyd and driving Disco force Siggy Smalls. What a circle of friends Fat Tony has.

With over three decades in the game and having donned the decks alongside fellow party connoisseurs Carl Cox, Sasha and Roger Sanchez, it's fair to say that Fat Tony knows how to get the dancefloor going loco. O Beach this July will be no exception.

So almost a martyr to the heyday of London and New York's hedonistic club scenes, these days Fat Tony may be on the straight-and-narrow, but the Glitterbox and Ministry of Sound regular has not lost his touch in the booth.

The House hero is also the go-to DJ of choice amongst global fashion powerhouses such as Versace and British Vogue, which means he'll feel right alongside the glamorous partygoers of O Beach.

Further certifying his legendary status, Fat Tony's Instagram feed is a constant stream of hilarity with an A-list following that includes Madonna, Elton John, David Beckham and Paris Hilton. A DJ that doesn't take themselves too seriously - now there's a thought!

Expect expressive dance energy, hedonistic House selections and a sea of waving hands in the air at all times. Fat Tony, we are ready for you.

Be a devil and take a bite on these tickets, found below.

HEADER IMAGE | by Tatiana Chausovsky

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