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Top Ibiza sunset spots: Es Vedrà

We choose the best places to watch an Ibiza sunset.

Es Vedrà, the island of dreams. Whoever goes to this magical spot on the southeast coast of Ibiza never fails to be in awe of what they see there - some people are never the same.

A sunset view of the majestic rock rising from the water is, we think, one of those things that everyone should add to their bucket list of top things to do during their lifetime.

It's a place that's shrouded in myths and mystery, so it's always worth making a wish when you go. Who knows what might happen?

Top tip:

For a serene view of the island when the sun falls, go for a drink at Es Boldado high on the cliffs at Cala d'Hort, giving you an amazing viewpoint and where you can also see right into the water.

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