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WILDCHILD nails down two poolside takeovers at O Beach

The first takes place on Friday 28 April.

Summer 2023 is about to get a whole lot wilder...

WILDCHILD is back at O Beach. Two scintillating dates have been nailed down, the first of which takes place on Friday 28 April.

Those paying attention will already know that's a pretty significant date, as it happens to be the last day of the International Music Summit. Essentially, it's the first day of the season - the day the parties kick off for summer.

The second date is pencilled in for Wednesday 11 October at the tail-end of summer.

From the minds of Game Over, the crew behind One Night Stand and Carl Cox's award-winning Tuesday nights at Space, WILDCHILD is a throwback to House music's golden era. Back to a time when vinyl was king, things were a little less sanitised and dancefloors more innocent.

Expect the bounciest beats and slickest House ever heard at the San Antonio day club. The line-ups will have an international edge to them and will keep you dancing in the open air all day long.

Across the last two summers, WILDCHILD has brought some seriously cool selectors to the poolside. Names like Santanna Oush, Mr Doris, Cici and Sirius Hood all featured.

Given Game Over's industry connections, you can bet on more respected spinners across these two dates.

Get ready to cut loose and unleash your inner party animal. This one's going to be spicy.

Plus, WILDCHILD teases this might not be all we see of it this summer. Stay tuned for more updates.

Tickets for the first O  Beach date are on sale now and available below. News on tickets for the second date on will arrive soon.

WILDCHILD listings - 2023

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