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House playlist takeover | Jansons

We hand control of the aux lead to the breakout producer.

After signing music to Hot Creations, Knee Deep In Sound, Circus and Skint, Jansons might have dropped the biggest track of his career on another huge label.

For his latest release, Jansons partners with Skream on World Is Empty. The track is centred around an irresistible sample from The Supremes above a driving Electro bassline and nostalgic synth pads, building to an emotional vocal breakdown.

The track is the seventh release from CircoLoco Records and Rockstar Games, furthering their commitment to champion underground dance music and club culture.

To mark the single, we invited Jansons to take control of our House playlist and include some of his favourite current and older tracks.

Janson House playlist takeover

Skream & Jansons | World Is Empty | CircoLoco Records

"It was a pleasure to work in the studio with my good pal Skream and experiment with different genres, sounds and vibes. It's amazing to see the full release of this come to fruition."

Dam Swindle | You | Heist Recordings

"A wicked pacey track from Dam Swindle. I love the bouncy evolving synth line in this. These guys have been at the top of their game for like ten years now and you can see why."

Josh Butler | Infinite | Origins Rcrds

"This new one on Josh Butler's Origins imprint slaps. I'm a big fan of his productions and labels releases. This one sounds great on a big system."

K-Hand | Without You | Acacia Records

"This one is a proper groover. The funky bass, crunchy drums and mint vocal are a touch of class from one of Detroit's pioneering forces in the late '80s."

Ale Castro | Mpx8 (Tuccillo Remix) | Eusho

"Tuccillo really puts his quality House music stamp on this track. It has catchy stabs and classy shuffly 909 drums."

Listen to our House music playlist in full below.

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Thank you Jansons for your contributions and a wicked playlist takeover.

We hope we'll be seeing more of him on Ibiza in the coming year.

For all the latest announcements about Ibiza 2023 and our busy New Year period, make sure to regularly check our magazine feed.

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