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High spills and surprises aboard Only Ibiza Boat Party

The only floating foam party the island has to offer.

Ibiza is a party destination like no other - and for that reason, it makes sense you should be able to do things here, you can't do anywhere else.

Looking for something out of the ordinary to add to your Ibiza itinerary? Well, we've got just the suggestion for you to partake in some holiday revelry, no matter where you're from; whether you're with the lads, girls or a mixed group.

Two things this island has always done well, are foam parties and boat parties. Combine the two, and what have you got? An idea that sits in the overlap between genius and madness on a Venn diagram, guaranteeing a whole lot of fun, that's what.

Last week, the clubbing team gave the island's only floating foam fiesta, Only Ibiza Boat Party a whirl and it was, well… memorable to say the least!

Chocks away!

Not having ventured to a foam party in a very long time (for me, since girls holiday Malia 2016 and for Steve and Hayley even longer!), this was like reliving a piece of our youth. We were all super intrigued, and perhaps a little apprehensive, as to what was in store for us.

From start to finish, there was always something going on. Whether that be getting lost in a seven foot wall of foam, dancing to the live on board DJ, playing one of the many anarchic games to win yourself a bottle of champers or swimming in the clear blue waters of the Med. 

The party attracted a real cosmopolitan crowd. Let it be said that southern Europeans know how to party. As well as a very excitable and vocal contingent of Spanish and Italians, there were also Irish, Scandinavians and visitors from the Far East sailing with us.

There was also a very eager birthday boy on board, which didn't go unnoticed by female members of the crew. Singling out the naive young man for special attention, he received a (not-so) private dance, whilst his co-conspirator friends poured champagne down his body.

He's deffo still thinking about it now... 

Musically, it was all very accessible with the DJ playing everything from old school dance hits, big time EDM anthems to the type of Reggaeton that even Steve confessed to knowing (LOL): Despacito, Hold You and Danza Kuduro all really got the crowd fired-up.

You couldn't help but feel good with this as your audio backdrop. Bouncing tunes upon the Balearic blues, keeping us all bobbing on our feet.

Unleash the foam

Boat parties to a degree, but foam parties to a greater extent, are a young person's game. It's fair to say that not all of us were still in the target demographic Only Ibiza Boat is marketed at.

Yet when the cannons erupted and we were doused in sudsy foam, we were all too happy to just go with it.

The foam only lasted 15 to 20 minutes, but that was enough to completely engulf the top deck and have us covered head to toe. There was no place to hide.

Flip flops went stray and bags were drowned. Yet we had a blast and, judging by the smiles, so did the rest of our shipmates. (NB, all belongings were successfully retrieved, dried and are in full working order.)

A little messy, being well juiced in sangria and knee deep in foam, it's safe to say that being pelted by bubbles is actually a lot of fun. It's the ideal way to meet and mingle with young, party-minded people from different countries and flirt/get hit on in broken English. Full marks for effort. Some English lads should take notes!

Everyone was on the same wave length and all of the games and foam definitely helped break the ice.

After all was said and done, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience for what it was - a one-of-a-kind boat party that doesn't take itself too seriously

At one end of the scale, Steve rekindled his love for the foam (though he might not admit it).

At the opposite end, Hayley looked like she needed foil blanket, a cup of cocoa and 100 hours of counselling as she sat amongst the debris. At the risk of sounding like I take pleasure in the misfortune of others, that made it all worth it. Sorry Hayley!

I, myself, had a hilarious time. Though I didn't put myself forward for the sex noise competition, I was in stitches watching. Not so fun to listen to though!

Overall, Only Ibiza Boat brought pure party vibes and provided fun-seeking revellers with an afternoon to remember. Though we're sure it will be sailing again next year, you only have three more chances to sail with Only Ibiza Boat in summer 2022.

Tickets for 23, 25 and 30 September can be caught below.

ADDITIONAL WORDS | by Stephen Hunt and Hayley Morgan

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