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The Zoo Project winds up at Ibiza Rocks

All change for the wild ones as things are set to go bananas on Sundays.

Following the destruction of its natural habitat (well, the transformation from Benimussa Park to 528), The Zoo Project has been all adrift at sea. Clinging on for dear life, it seemed for a while that the party might be done... but there's fight in these wild ones yet!

Now the Zoo Project ark has wound up at the doors of Ibiza Rocks.

After surveying the scene, this ragtag bunch of homeless drifters have decided that, yes, this is their new home. It's time to go bananas!

Taking over poolside every Sunday from 22 May to 25 September, the opening party is a mere week away.

While the setting may be new, as well as the pool element coming front-and-centre, we expect much of the same from The Zoo Project. Crazed performances, dancers in fancy dress and a seriously cool underground soundtrack from top DJs.

If you want to get aquatic with this new version of The Zoo Project, swim below and stalk the dates before biting for those tickets.

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