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Catering for your special event in Ibiza

For an unforgettable celebration, you can't beat Ibiza!

Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party or another kind of anniversary, a corporate retreat or a team-building event, Ibiza stands out as one of Europe’s most appealing locations.

With its mild climate, easy accessibility, breath-taking settings, and, above all, its unique magic, the island has everything required to ensure your event becomes a happy memory for life. That’s why, every year, countless people choose the White Island to host their celebrations.

So, once you’ve decided Ibiza is the place to hold your event, read our guide to get an overview of what you need to know as well as some interesting options on the local catering scene.

This is going to be a one-off occasion, so you’ll want to be sure it goes to plan and choose the company best suited to your needs.

The quality of the food and drink is paramount, but it’s not the end of the story. Organising this important event from your home country brings its own issues, so you need to know you’re dealing with a reputable, experienced caterer who responds to your messages quickly.

We contacted several local catering professionals to hear what they have to say when it comes to choosing the right company. For more information on the companies featured here, please scroll to the end.


Professionalism is the key in The Chef Exclusive Service's team

There are several important factors involved in developing good working relations with your caterer.

Clear, timely communication is vital. When it comes to reliable feedback, The Chef Exclusive Service makes a point of responding to customers’ emails punctually. Beyond that, its focus on clarity and transparency means there are no hidden surprises for the customer later on.

It’s a customer-oriented approach that is mirrored at Sa Paella Club, who pride themselves on the trust they build with customers. “We make sure we always answer any customer email or message in less than five hours.” Their professionalism ensures they always deliver on their promises, meaning customers won’t be disappointed or misled in any way.

Naturally, it goes without saying you should always request a detailed breakdown of expenses. We also suggest you ask the caterer about catering for the specific dietary needs of individual guests, as well as whether they can handle last-minute changes.

Finally, it’s vital to lay to rest any doubts you may have right from the outset. So, make sure to ask each company about its particular approach to service. Look for detailed, on-topic answers to your queries and examples of how the caterer approached challenges they faced previously.

Getting the above factors right means fewer pre-event nerves, allowing you to focus on other aspects of planning your big day.


Having a modest budget doesn't mean you have to skimp on quality - Sa Paella Club adapts to their clients

Catering for large groups can be expensive. For example, some weddings in Ibiza can cost €75,000+. However, if your budget is more modest, you will find that most catering companies are very adaptable. As Alex Sanchez at The Chef Exclusive Service Ibiza stresses, “We have solutions for all budgets and spend time carefully considering them.”

It’s an ethos also found at seafood specialists, Oyster Ibiza, whose co-founder Julie Guazy emphasises flexibility and affordability when it comes to pricing.


Naturally, the fact that your caterer has a proven track record goes a long way to allaying fears. Its many years in the sector have earned The Chef Exclusive Service a first-class reputation. The company handles all aspects meticulously, whether it’s the initial consultation, menu design, logistics, the service itself, or any extras. It’s a failsafe approach that ensures guests are entirely satisfied. As its slogan goes, “We believe in both the luxury of the big moments and the tiniest details”.

But that’s not to say you should overlook other, newer caterers, especially those with a distinctive approach. Newcomers to the Ibiza catering scene have a fresh take on alfresco catering in Ibiza, while others, for example, Oyster Ibiza - pioneers in the delivery and takeaway of sumptuous seafood - specialise in a particular food.

Nor should we forget the role of gifted individual chefs, such as rising talent Juan Pablo Leonardi aka Chef del Fuego y de la Tierra (chef of fire and earth).

As is clear, in Ibiza there are plenty of top-notch catering options whatever you are looking for.


Photo courtesy of The Chef Exclusive Service

Even the best-made plans can go awry, which is when the best companies really show their mettle. That last-minute request that you forgot to mention, guests arriving late or a change in the weather - all can be overcome.

At one event where The Chef Exclusive Service was handling the catering, there was a sudden summer shower. Its team reacted quickly and slickly, removing the settings and glassware and covering the tables. As soon as the deluge passed, the team picked up where they’d left off, without batting an eyelid.

Finally, in a spot like Ibiza, no request is too outlandish. So, don’t be shy; go ahead and tell your caterer just how you want things to be. For Sa Paella Club founder Alejandro Velázquez, there are no weird requests: “What's normal for me, can be weird for a customer,” he explains.

To sum it all up:

  • be clear about what you want and the budget you have 
  • get a feel for the caterer and how they work
  • don't be afraid to ask for what you want.

Follow these simple guidelines for a successful and unforgettable event in Ibiza.


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The Chef Exclusive Service 

The Chef Exclusive Service guarantee elegance and quality 

Reputedly Ibiza’s leading catering company, The Chef Exclusive Service can take care of all your catering needs, whatever size the group. Based on its extensive experience, deep knowledge of the island and savoir-faire, the company turns events into truly unique experiences. Besides its scrumptious food, The Chef Exclusive Service can supply your event with snazzy bars and exclusive design, and its highly personalised help is second to none. What’s more, they do onboard catering for private yachts and even jets. 

Sa Paella Club Ibiza

Sa Paella Club not only specialises in paellas, but they sure make a good show

Having made its name serving outstanding authentic Valencian paellas, Sa Paella Club has, in recent years, diversified its offer to specialise in Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine in all its glorious variety. Now they provide a bar and cocktail service at their events, too. This spring they have opened new premises in Playa d'en Bossa, with a professional catering kitchen along with a takeaway service that means you can take home their mouth-watering traditional Spanish dishes and tapas. Again, this is a company that can handle all sizes of groups.

Oyster Ibiza

Photo courtesy of Oyster Ibiza

Run by a Franco-Italian couple, Oyster Ibiza is Ibiza’s first business to offer a takeaway and home delivery service that supplies trays of oysters and all types of fresh seafood to your home or event. What’s more, they can also advise on the appropriate choice of drinks to accompany your seafood selection.

Juan Pablo Leonardi

Born into a family with Italian roots in Buenos Aires, Juan Pablo Leonardi has travelled the world on his journey to becoming a master chef. He takes the best from different cuisines to create delicious dishes, whether traditional or innovative. In recent years, he has been focusing on vegan and raw food. Juan Pablo can cater for groups of up to 40. An Ibiza aficionado, his philosophy is simple: "I use food as a way to inspire a deeper connection to nature by using seasonal fresh and local ingredients"

See our weddings and events section to get you started on your catering journey.

Photo credit: Hero image courtesy of The Chef Exclusive Service

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