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Los residentes | Valentín Huedo

Profiling an island personality.

After featuring five Brits and one Colombian since we started the series, we've overlooked homegrown talent long enough. Thankfully, we get to rectify that this month, finally getting the chance to shine a light on a DJ who's Ibiza born and bred.

Valentín Huedo is a pure blood Ibicenco. The island and its musical heritage runs through his DNA.

From a young age, it was clear that Valentín was set on a path to pursue a career in music. Not only did he have a decade long tenure as resident at sunset hotspot Café del Mar, but he remains the youngest ever to hold the honour.

Today, he is one of the driving forces behind Ibiza Sonica Radio. It's a good fit. Valentín's free-minded spirit, affinity with nature and transcendental understanding of music are qualities that align with the philosophy of the station. He's as pivotal to the programme there, as his contemporaries Andy Wilson, Karlos Sense and close friend Igor Marijuán.

As he prepares to drop his new new Tonight EP on All Day I Dream, we manage to pull him aside for a quick chat following a memorable appearance at Ibiza's newest event space, Akasha.


Hi Valentín. We are still pinching ourselves from our maiden visit to Akasha at Las Dalias on Friday night. You played an awesome set on the night, alongside Sébastien Léger. How did you find it?

"Honestly, I think we finally got the club we were asking for! The sound system is great, the design is cool, it is an intimate and cosy space.

So far the crowd has been excellent and the line-ups are gonna continue to be awesome. We all must support this project, as it's been a long time since we've a high quality club in Ibiza open during the winter."

Valentín Huedo playing at Las Dalias' new indoor space, Akasha, last Friday

Absolutely. We're excited to see what the rest of winter brings. Before that, the last time we saw you, you were moderating the panel at the island-launch of Balearic: An Oral History Of Club Culture In Ibiza at Pikes.

What were the big take-aways from the discussion for you?

"Yes, it was an honour to be invited to moderate such an special event.

Everything that surrounds Ibiza's golden days fascinates me. On that day, many of the protagonist from that era were gathered together at Pikes. To have Alfredo by my side while we were talking how Amnesia created the after hours was a special feeling."

Valentín chews the fat with Balearic authors Luís and Christian at Pikes

"To remember the late Jose Padilla, may he rest in peace, was also important for me. I spent many years on the Sunset Strip in San Antonio, so its very deep inside me. All-in-all, it was a celebration between friends, all thanks to Christian Len and Luís Costa (the book's authors)."

It was definitely a day of highly-charged emotion. You're perhaps best known as being one of the driving forces behind Ibiza Sonica Radio. What is it about that station that makes it so special?

"All of Ibiza's radio stations have their own style and I think that's good.

We always had our own vision, projected by a mixture of authentic Ibiza artists. That's very powerful in my opinion. Down the years, I've realised we've created a connection to Ibiza for people around the globe, no matter where they tune in from.

Experiences created on the island always had the soundtrack of Ibiza Sonica and that's why it transports a lot of people to their happy place."

Obviously, we didn't get proper clubbing back until very late in the summer, but Cova Santa managed to fill some of the void from July to October. You have played there many times. Why is it such a magical spot?

"I think Cova Santa is one of the most complete venues Ibiza has to offer.

"Open-air, with a club downstairs and even a natural cave... it's just magic. In past years, I've had residencies with Storytellers and WooMooN.

This year, LunArts organised different events, like the 'Day Trip' concept. Despite the restrictions, it was great and we had a lot of fun. Even though we missed a proper dancefloor without tables, we have to be thankful we had this all summer."

In addition to those parties, you also made your debut for All Day I Dream, who you have an EP out on later this week. 

"My first gig for All Day I Dream holds a dear place in my heart and it felt really good.

I feel very comfortable playing this sound. I love seeing Cova Santa decorated differently. To share the booth with Roy Rosenfeld and Powel, two DJs I have a great deal of respect for, was the icing on the cake."

Debutant: Valentín graces the booth at All Day I Dream for the first time in 2021

"Working with Lee Burridge is effortless. He is super cool and such a lovely guy. Lee's worked hard to make ADID a reference point in the industry. I feel blessed to be a part of it."

Let's talk about the EP then, which is out at the end of the week. The first track is Tonight - what can you tell us about it?

"Tonight has accompanied me in my sets for an entire year already and I'm still not tired of it.

It features the wonderful voice of Bird, a vocalist I've respected and admired for a long time.

Together we have created a song that I am very proud of. We also shot an incredible video with Víctor 'Vitorino' Moreno, a talented film director, which was a great experience."

"It's the first promo video of my career, but hopefully the first of many more to come."

Next is Salines Sunrise, which we're thinking doesn't need much of an explanation!

"Yes, the second track of the EP is my personal tribute to our beloved island, in particular the area of Las Salinas, or Ses Salines. It's a place where I've lived literally all my life and continue to live until this day.

It's where I used to go to the beach with my parents, uncles and my 15 cousins (!) every single Sunday. I also had some of my most memorable, vivid experiences there during my teenage years."

"Even now, there is not a week where I don't escape there on my bike, when I need to connect with nature. I'm happy that I managed to release this on such a great label and to be able to pay a tribute to this beautiful place in Ibiza."

It might be our favourite on the release for all those reasons and more. Finally though, we get to Neo. What can you tell us about that one?

"I made Neo with my good friend Igor Marijuán. Not only did he co-produce it, but it was created using the first words of his son, Neo, which is what you can hear in the track and why we chose that name."

"I know that for Igor it is something very special and that makes me happy. The track showcases the classic sound of All Day I Dream and gives the EP balance. The ideal ending."

Tonight EP is out now on All Day I Dream. You can preview and purchase the release here.

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