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Ibiza Coronavirus Update (27) 26-10-2021

The ‘New Normal’ feels quite like the old normal…

As we reach the end of a long and challenging season, we are very pleased to say goodbye to many more of the restrictions imposed to halt the spread of Covid-19. The new measures, moving us another step closer to the so-called 'New Normal', take effect from Tuesday 26 October.

Despite the fears of many concerning the reopening of the nightclubs, and large accumulations of people, Covid-19 cases actually have continued to fall. There are currently less than 250 active cases on the island, with 17 patients remaining in hospital. Thankfully, there have been very few fatalities since our last report at the end of September.

In our experience, the club owners/promoters have been very responsible and effective in managing the entry requirements and policing the immunity credentials of the partygoers. Vaccination and test certificate QR code scans, temperature checks and on-site testing facilities, plus the compulsory use of masks, have ensured that both clients and staff have been protected to the highest standard possible.

We really hope that these conditions remain in place during the winter to help prevent any further surge in cases. The Balearic Islands have very high levels of vaccination uptake and  now most elderly residents are being offered their booster jabs.  

The new rules are as follows:

  • Restaurants and Bars can now reopen the full interior capacity and without restriction on closing times. Masks must be worn except when consuming food or drink. 1.5m distance must be maintained between tables.
  • Weddings, funerals and other celebrations also return to 100% capacity. Masks must be worn except when consuming food or drink.
  • Gymnasiums can reopen 100% capacity but masks must be worn at all times and social distancing respected.
  • Nightlife. Night clubs and music venues can open up to 75% of the interior capacity.  Masks must be worn except when consuming food or drink whilst remaining seated.
  • Smoking remains prohibited on bar terraces.

If these regulations remain unchanged, there’s really only one more piece of good news we are waiting for now -  the end of the nationwide mask mandate. We hope to bring you that piece of news in good time but, realistically, it is unlikely to be until the winter season is over. Until then, let’s all enjoy our new liberty and the freedom to dance once again.