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Where to grab a great burger on Ibiza

From meat-lovers to vegans - who doesn't love a burger?

Few things satisfy a growling appetite like a succulent burger.

Whether you really want to indulge or are looking for a quick bite to grab on the go, the burger is a versatile all-rounder. There's just something that panders to our primal urge about a slab of something delicious sandwiched in a bun, accompanied by garnish, sauce and extra toppings.

Whilst Ibiza might be an island known for its traditional Mediterranean cuisine and fusion styles, there's still plenty of room for the humble (and the not so humble) burger.

Without further ado, here are our top picks to grab a great burger whilst on Ibiza.

Es Birra

Es Cana

Es Birra - Peter Young - 2021

Located next to the famous Punta Arabi hippy market, Es Birra is a big favourite, famed for its great but affordable food. After an afternoon trawling the market stalls, its laid back and welcoming vibe is just what you’ll be looking for.

You can’t go wrong with any of the half-dozen burger choices. Each comes with a chunky 200 gram pattie of meat or plant-based alternative.

We wager you’ll "umm" and "ahhh" over the picana BBQ and crispy chicken, but we’re partial to the Frenchie with its raclette cheese, tartar sauce and pickles. It’s the kind of burger you won’t find anywhere else.

Kitchen 62

Cala de Bou

Kitchen 62 - Peter Young - 2021

Anywhere the locals descend en masse, you should probably pay attention to. That’s as true of Ibiza as it is anywhere else - and Kitchen 62 in Cala de Bou definitely ticks that box. It’s small, outdoor terrace is heaving with families, couples and groups of friends every evening.

Your meal comes served on a wooden paddle with a traditional newspaper replica and the fries, which are made from Ibiza-grown potatoes, are served in a miniature fryer - cute! If you like a little kick, then either the cajun or Mexican burger are big on flavour.

The staff will ask you how you like your meat cooked. If you’re feeling a little bit daring, then request your pattie rare!

Pennsylvania Burger

San Antonio

Pennsylvania Burger - image owned by JA Romero Caballero Photography

From the outside, Pennsylvania Burger doesn’t look like much. If you didn’t know it was there, you’d be forgiven for walking straight passed. Yet every evening you can guarantee a queue to be forming, even before the shutter is open.

Pennsylvania Burger may only open from 19:00 in the evening onward, but it makes its short opening times count. For the modest price of €6.50 you get a whooping cheeseburger, with lettuce, onion and beef tomato freshly made to order.

That’s half the price you'd pay at one of the franchised fast-food chains. It’s an Ibizan institution for a reason. So order, grab a caña and sit while you wait for your delicious burger.

IMAGE | by J A Romero Caballero

Project Social

Santa Eulalia

Project Social 2021

Located right outside the main entrance to Santa Eulalia’s lively harbour, Project Social is a vibrant social spot for food, drink and conversation. The menu offers a mix across the board from American diner style dishes to healthier options, including many "green and clean" vegetarian plates.

So while there is a wide range of meaty treats (hello the Smokey Joe and Pig & Ting!), Project Social has a big flex when it comes to vegetarian-friendly burgers.

Project Social 2021

Choose from pulled jackfruit to cauliflower, beans and lentils, or diced beetroot to the plant-based Beyond - each one packing flavour and nourishment. We find the Lyon so juicy, it’s difficult to distinguish between this and real meat. Even the vegan cheddar hits the spot. We make that a triumph!

Furthermore, diners can choose from vegan spelt buns, gluten-free bread or even half an avocado as an alternative burger lid! The sweet potato fries, coleslaw and chipotle mayo also come highly recommended.

Project Social runs a delivery service. Handy for anybody in the vicinity of Santa Eulalia, Cala Llonga or Es Cana.


Sant Jordi

What does the name Vinyl mean to you? It probably conjures images of 12-inch records being spun by DJs - are we right? But when we hear "Vinyl", we instinctively think of food and more specifically, burgers.

Even the thought of the vegetarian, with its seitan, lentil and carrot pattie, tomato relish and salad garnish has us drooling. With a fine selection of craft beers and regular programmed entertainment, there are plenty of reasons to give Vinyl a spin.

202 Hamburger & Delicious

Ibiza Town

Thriftstore-chic meets American diner with a dash of Italian magic - welcome to local favourite in Ibiza Town, 202 Burger

We tried a couple of its specials, the 202 with a delicious beef pattie, perfectly cooked, melted cheese, the best brioche bun we've ever had, topped-off with caramelized onions. Then the Kickass, which adds chicken, onion rings, crispy bacon and its special ranchero sauce. Just wow!

The portions are generous, the sides are delicious (shout out to the onion rings!). Highly recommended.

Can Garage

Santa Eulalia

Can Garage

The barbeque and motorcycling enthusiasts at Can Garage are the next contenders to throw their hats into the best burger ring. They’re passionate about flavoursome meat cooked to perfection and this is no more evident than in their luscious burger range.

Can Garage's meat is smoked on Can Garage's custom cooker - an impressive piece of kit. Don't get kitchen envy! The process gives Can Garage's signature flavour that can't be replicated anywhere else.

Can Garage

Juices flow from the Tipsy Texan, with its slow-cooked pulled pork and lashings of BBQ sauce. Take a deep breath of those aromas. Even the "classic" hamburger is extra here, coming with crispiest of bacon and bags of flavour from the pickles.

Usual dining etiquette goes out the window when burgers are on the menu. Which is good news when it comes to some of these towering burgers. So put your knife and fork down, get a pile of napkins on stand-by and grab boldly with both hands. It could get messy!

Get stuck right in, we won’t judge.

So that's your island burger low-down and if you are hungry for variety, check out our restaurant guide and fulfill all your food desires.

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