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Ibiza Coronavirus Update (26) 28-09-2021

Celebrate good times!

At long last it finally feels as if the restrictions in place to control the coronavirus pandemic are drawing to a close. Despite lagging quite a way behind other parts of Europe, the Govern Balear has announced a raft of new regulations which will normalise our daily activities and allow for the reopening of nightlife on Ibiza and Formentera.

It is a sign of acceptance, on the part of the local government, that we must find a way to live with the existence of the coronavirus, now that such a significant proportion for the archipelago’s population (77 per cent) have been fully immunised against the Covid-19 disease. These new rules give us hope of a full return to normal life by the time the next season comes around, with some necessary sanitary precautions in place of course.

The epidemiological situation is very stable with around 300 active cases on the islands, 30 hospitalisations and, sadly, one more unfortunate casualty to add to the list of the deceased - an elderly gentleman with exisiting conditions.


Biggest and best news of all for Ibiza is the return of our world-famous night clubs. The Govern has given the green light for them to reopen from 8 October, with some very important conditions:

The venues can open up to 75 per cent of their capacity. Dancing is allowed but masks must be worn while on the dancefloor. Dancers must maintain a social distance of two metres and remain seated while they are not on the dancefloor having a drink.

Entry will almost certainly be dependent on production of a vaccination or health certificate, but this rule is yet to be ratified - the exact conditions should be revealed on the 4th October. We will of course update this article.


As we return, once again, to the ‘new normality’, here are the important regulations to know when you are visiting the islands. The new conditions will remain in place until the next review on 27 October.

Restaurants and Bars: Interior capacity increased to 75 per cent, with no limit on the number of persons per table. Bars can remain open until 04:00 - in accordance with local council authorisation.

Social Gatherings: Unlimited, but with social distancing observed and the use of masks obligatory indoors.

Beaches and Parks: Can reopen at night without restrictions.

Sport: Gymnasiums can reopen fully to 100 per cent capacity but masks inside are obligatory. Capacities for sports events are awaiting a decision by the National Health Council.

Night Clubs: Can reopen up to 75 per cent capacity, with the restrictions outlined above.  

Cultural Events (including concerts): Outdoors, maximum capacity of 2500 persons, with a maximum of 1000 standing and the rest seated. Inside, maximum capacity of 500 all of whom must be seated.

We sincerely hope this is the beginning of the end and we look forward to 2022 with renewed hope and vigour. It has been a difficult couple of years for the tourism industry on Ibiza, so this is the perfect tonic that everyone needed at this time - the flame is alight for the return of the unique Ibiza clubbing season next year. 

See you in the dancefloor!

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