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Delightful skies and delicious dishes at Wi-Ki-Woo

A visit to the photogenic sunset hotspot leaves us tickled pink.

Decked out predominantly in pink, in an art deco style, Wi-Ki-Woo and its seafront terrace are not backwards in coming forward. From the moment you arrive, you are greeted by the beaming smiles and welcoming patter of its heavenly concierge team.

We can feel ourselves blushing as we're led to our seats. This attentive yet approachable service continues throughout our stay - a real personal touch. All that’s missing are the halos and angel wings.

From the outside, Wi-Ki-Woo takes the form of an ornamental cupcake, sweet to the taste. And, yes, this fanciful look, along with its location, make it a prime Instagram backdrop. If you want some cool holiday snaps to show friends back home what they’re missing, you’ve found the right spot. (and just wait for the sunset!)

Joining us this evening is a mixture of young couples, holidaying friends and larger groups, including a few of several generations. Hen parties perhaps, we assume? It’s worth mentioning now that Wi-Ki-Woo is especially popular with the ladies.

Take note lads, there’s brownie points up for grabs here. A surprise table booking for date night is sure to keep you in her good books.

Whether you come here to flirt, impress the woman, or man, in your life, gossip with friends or just soak up the ambience, Wi-Ki-Woo caters to all.

Pretty in pink

Booths are furnished in candyfloss pink and bubblegum blue padded seating. Above us, disco balls sway gently as they glisten in the last full hour of daylight. A canopy of flamingo pink and white Hawaiian leis shimmer in the breeze, while fuchsia palms arch over us.

Parris, a man so good looking he could easily pass as a model, is our DJ. He blends a combo of Funk, Nu-Disco and loungy Hed Kandi-style House, capturing the mood with laser precision.

Like many of our fellow attendees, we head for the cocktail menu, going straight to Wi-Ki-Woo's signature range. The Wi-Ki-Brew list is for anybody with a sweet tooth. Take the sassy berry - a magenta glitter bomb, whose fruitiness masks its potency.

Wi-Ki-Woo Cocktails - Peter Young - 2021

As well as its in-house concoctions, Wi-Ki-Woo also puts its own spin on the classic cocktails you know and love. Bigger groups might want to order the porn star martini tree.

Planning a group visit? Check-out two-hour bottomless brunch Thirsty Thursday or Saturday's Afternoon G&T.

Starters, mains & naughty afters

Although Wi-Ki-Woo prides itself on using fresh, local ingredients - including a big emphasis on seafood, its menu has an exotic feel to it with plenty of Asian-inspired dishes. Keen to try it all, we get a little trigger happy with the starters.

Both the cuts of tuna rolled in sesame seeds and giant prawns cooked in chilli and garlic panko emulsion are big, big hits with us. Bagging bundles of flavour, we confess we would not be disappointed had we chosen these as our main.

Wi-Ki-Woo Starters - Peter Young - 2021

The squiggly chilli squid isn’t so squiggly, but what it lacks in motion, it compensates in heat. The chilli-powered soy sauce reaffirms the intensity of this dish, summoning the dry-heat of South East Asia.

Moving away from seafood, and the spice, the halloumi kebabs are next. While the Cypriot goat's cheese might lend its name to the dish, it’s the skewered peppers, cherry tomatoes and rose slaw that keeps our forks coming back for more.

The doughy truffle flatbread is a great sharer, but we need to keep space for the other courses...

Wi-Ki-Woo Steak - Peter Young - 2021

The fillet steak, perfectly seared in spite of its mass, and retaining its juices within a rosy centre, sits on a mound of truffle mash. A drawbridge of charred asparagus and broccoli stems, chaperoned by a buttery Béarnaise sauce complete the dish.

Back in Asian territory, the prawn red Thai curry, with its ruby-glow coconut milk, substantial crustaceans and saffron-bated rice is a lighter alternative. And those featherlite prawn crackers prove particularly adept at soaking up the abundant sauce.

Both the chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and white and milk choc shavings and the cheesecake with forest fruit compote and bow of cranberries are equally naughty. But what's a few extra calories on top of what we've already consumed? There's no shame to be found here.

Kaleidoscopic colours

Some of the best sunsets of summer are reserved for this time of year, and tonight’s is a cracker. We are transfixed as the orange orb turns to red, before dipping behind the distant islet of Sa Conejera.

Don’t feel you’ve missed out though. You can expect plenty more of these postcard moments between now and the end of summer.

After the sun has disappeared, the sky is illuminated, awash with streaks of deep blue, purple and, you guessed it, pink. A fitting denouement to our colourful evening.

Wi-Ki-Woo isn't only a place to enjoy drinks, but to eat great food, catch up with friends, romance your partner and catch some of the best sunsets in the world. Consider us smitten.

To book a table and your sunset front-row seat, please visit our restaurant page.

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