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Food Review: Cala Bonita serves up the art of simplicity

Enjoy the luxury of authentic Mediterranean flavours in a relaxed, natural and secluded seaside setting.


Why go? For the quintessential Ibiza experience of laid-back seaside dining.

What kind of food is it? Fresh seafood, excellent fish and some hearty meats.

What diets does it cater for? The fish and seafood offering is outstanding, but you will also find some tasty meats from the charcoal grill and vegetarian options.

Ibiza Spotlight tip? The beetroot tartar with parmesan ice cream and chunks of goats cheese.

Surrounded by some of the most beautiful waters of the Mediterranean and blessed with an average of 2,750 hours of sunshine per year, it’s no surprise that much of Ibiza’s culinary offering is centered around the seaside.

Nestled into the rugged coastline of the secluded S’Estanyol cove just outside of Ibiza Town, Cala Bonita embraces its picturesque surroundings with a flair for natural elegance and a laid-back atmosphere.

The charming beach restaurant offers the perfect spot for a leisurely, extended lunch savouring the fresh flavours of the Balearic Islands and Ibiza’s spectacular local produce.

Whether you want to spend some romantic quality time with your other half or enjoy a relaxed meal with family and friends, you will receive a warm welcome and be spoilt for choice thanks to the simple, yet delectable menu.

A little tip for a special occasion: book in advance and ask for the table just outside the dry stone walls behind the restaurant's iconic stone arch, and dine right above the sea!

Appetite sated, why not enjoy a refreshing dip in the azure waters - or secure yourself a sunlounger on the soft sands and drift off with some fine Balearic beats in your ear?

To locals and regular island visitors, Cala Bonita is synonymous with natural elegance and authentic food made with love. So when we heard that for 2021, Spanish chef Ignacio Fernandez del Rey has taken over the kitchen reins, we had to hotfoot it to S’Estanyol and check out the new menu!


Cala Bonita prides itself on its honest, simple Mediterranean cuisine, creating bold flavours with high quality local ingredients.

With the restaurant’s new head chef stemming from the famous Asturias region, which is known for its wide variety of seafood and fantastic meats and cheeses, we knew we would be in for a feast!

When our starters arrived, our eyes popped out of our heads because of the beautiful colours and imaginative presentation!

The croaker ceviche with octopus and scallops exploded with flavours, while the light and refreshing beetroot tartar served with parmesan ice cream and chunks of goats cheese perfectly combined the sweetness of the beetroot with a decadent, creamy finish.

A wheel of molten Lazana cheese served with crunchy bread and apple sauce delighted the entire table - a heavenly indulgence for those who love hearty, savoury dishes!

From this impressive first round of dishes, we could already tell that Señor del Rey has the art of balancing aromas and contrasting textures down to a tee! 

With a silky rosé wine (more on which later) swirling through our heads, we felt blissfully happy soaking up the views across the white parasols fluttering in the breeze, letting our gaze settle on the picturesque fishermen’s huts just behind.

Our main courses were no less spectacular, and we savoured the soft and sweet meat of fresh King Crab intermingled with red and green peppers.

A huge fillet of turbot, fried with chunks of garlic and accompanied by moreish potato chips, wowed us with its tender texture and delightfully crispy skin.

Last, but not least, the aromatic rack of lamb ribs with couscous and a yoghurt dressing went down a treat - a must for meat lovers to try!

With not much room left, we decided to share a dessert – because it would be rude, not to, right?

The ‘chocolate volcano’ made for an ideal sharing plate; a trilogy of fine 'angel hair' noodles baked into a crispy nest holding a fresh fruit salad, with an intense dark chocolate mousse providing the ‘lava’. It’s a colourful, sweet and light dessert that will please children and adults alike!


Whether you want to enjoy lunch with the whole family or celebrate a special occasion, the drinks menu is as impressive as the food. From saintly fruit juices to sinful cocktails, you will be spoilt for choice!

The Mezcal Mule and Cava Sangria instantly caught our eye on the chalkboard that lists Cala Bonita’s mixology creations, and those who want to nourish their bodies will find plenty of vitamins on the menu, too!

Likewise, Cala Bonita’s extensive wine selection has a tipple for every occasion. Expertly curated, connoisseurs can choose from the finest sparkling wines such as Veuve Cliquot, Ruinart and Dom Perignon; as well as a vast selection of crisp whites and smooth reds from France and Spain.

A recommendation from the Cala Bonita team, we sipped on an elegant pale Hacienda de Arínzano rosé with vibrant red fruit notes and a touch of citrus – perfect for a hot summer’s day!

For our second course, we switched to a fresh, smooth Montespina Verdejo with aromas of tropical and green fruits, a pleasant companion for white fish and seafood dishes.

Appetite sated, we wistfully eyed up the sunbeds lining the beach, just about ready for an extended siesta in the sun.

Alas, with our desks calling to write about the fantastic experience we just had the pleasure of enjoying, we reluctantly left Cala Bonita with full stomachs - and even fuller hearts.

Book your table here. 

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