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Amnesia announces 2021 Closing Party

It goes down on 23 October.

Amnesia promised us something big and it has delivered on that promise. The venue's 2021 Closing Party will take place on Saturday 23 October.

Usually the last one to get added, this year its one of the first parties to grace our party calendar.

Flipping things on their head, Amnesia has chosen to announce its plans in reverse order.

Given the circumstances, it makes sense to buck with tradition and work backwards: present the end, but leave the start date open.

To be clear, we can expect more announcements for earlier parties when things become a little clearer. Ibiza 2021 is loading!

We wonder what DJ talent will be joining us on the night? Amnesia normally leaves no expense spared for its marathon Closing Parties.

Ticket news coming soon - stay tuned.

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Amnesia Closing Party

Sat 23 Oct
Terraza (6pm - midnight) | Amnesia Classics
Jeremy Healy
Alex P & Brandon Block
Jason Bye
3rd Dimension (6pm - midnight)
Jayda G
Young Marco
John Woods
Terraza (midnight - midday)
Jamie Jones
The Blessed Madonna
Richy Ahmed
Mar-T & Caal
Sidney Charles & Seb Zito
Luca Donzelli
Club (midnight - late)
Adam Beyer
Deborah De Luca
Marco Faraone
Andrés Campo
Les Schmitz

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