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Ibiza Coronavirus Update (5) 19-6-2020

It’s over! (or is it…?)

Remember to visit our Corona Virus thread in the Forums, which is updated with more info on a daily basis, including party and travel news.

The national state of alarm in Spain ends on 21 June.

For ticket/party information please also visit our update (1) here.

On Sunday 21 June the State of Alarm, caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic, comes to an end in Spain. In its place will be a ‘new normality', lasting six to eight weeks, with some remaining restrictions to travel and a further de-escalation of the safety measures, brought in to combat the effects of the disease and to protect our frontline workers.

Decision making will now be devolved to the autonomous regions, so expect some local variation in regulations, although the compulsory wearing of masks remains in effect nationally on public transport, in shops and in public spaces, where a safety distance of 1.5m cannot be maintained.

International travel can now resume. We anticipate the first wave of visitors, from all around Europe, to begin arriving on the island as soon as the airlines are able to scale up the services to meet demand. So, how will the ‘new normality' affect your travel plans?

There has been some uncertainty where travellers from the UK fit into the scheme to reopen the borders, since UK voted to leave the European Union and because the level of contagion in that country remains considerably higher than the rest of Europe. Nevertheless, the UK Foreign Office website confirms that Spain has reopened its borders and that ‘British nationals will no longer need to present a residency certificate to enter Spain'. UPDATE The British Foreign Office now confirm that the Spanish Government has agreed to let UK visitors enter the country, without the need to quarantine on arrival. The Spanish Government have asked for reciprocity from the British Government for travellers to the UK and for holidaymakers returning home. This has not been announced yet but, no doubt, will follow soon.


Airlines are rescheduling direct flights to the island and new routes are being announced all the time. For any flights booked before the lockdown began, we strongly recommend checking with your airline that your flight has not been cancelled or rescheduled.


The picture is still not fully clear. Slowly but surely, we are seeing cautious movements towards the reopening of many establishments here on Ibiza. However, some hoteliers are taking the unilateral decision to remain closed for 2020, while other groups of hotels are opening some of their premises, but not all.

Hotel managers will have to adhere to strict controls for disinfection and careful planning to guarantee social distancing, to prevent any localised outbreaks. Staff working on shifts will always work together on the same shift and all hotels will be obliged to install a contactless thermometer for guests to monitor themselves.

We will endeavour to keep our visitors updated with hotel news as we receive it.


Most bars and restaurants are already open or have indicated they will have reopened by 1 July. Capacity is generally reduced at most venues, due to the extra spacing required between tables, but some limited bar service is also allowed now. For an up to date list of our favourite premises that we know are open, check our list of business openings which is being constantly updated.


From Monday 22 June the Balearic Island Government have decreed that small nightlife music venues and cocktail bars, whose capacity does not exceed 300, are permitted to reopen with a further 33% reduction in capacity. Low tables and stools have to be installed on the dancefloors and no dancing inside is permitted. Bar service will be closed, and only table service allowed.

The government would like venues to close at 1 or 2am, although negotiations with local businesses to extend this embargo by 2 more hours, to 3 or 4am, are still ongoing. Establishments within ‘zones of excessive tourism', which includes the West End of San Antonio, will have to remain closed for the time being. UPDATE The Government have just relented and allowed bars withins the West End to open their outside terraces for table service.

and Ushuaia have voluntarily announced they will not be reopening this year. However, at this moment, that does not mean ALL clubs will remain closed. These new regulations will be reviewed every 2 to 3 weeks as the situation continues to evolve, but are unlikely to change much unless a cure for the virus is found.

Beach clubs:

Beach clubs will be allowed to open but with no dancing or beach parties allowed.

Boat parties:

It has just been announced by the local Government that boat parties will not be able to take to the water this summer.

Always check the Ibiza Spotlight Party calendar, which is kept up to date with official announcements from venues and promoters. It is your most reliable source for genuine events taking place on the island.

Although the coronavirus has been practically eradicated here on Ibiza, it hasn't gone away completely. It is with a little trepidation that the ports are reopening, and we hope that visitors to the island remain conscious of the continuing need to protect one another and the workers striving to ensure you have a great holiday.

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