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Clubbing like a boss: preparing for Ibiza 2020

Top tips on how to plan for this summer - for both Ibiza virgins and veterans.

It's March and we are already knee-deep in announcement season. You have most likely seen that many nights have been announced, some parties moving from one place to another, plus more news coming in the next few weeks!

With summer palpably around the corner, we trust that you are thinking about your next holidays. Parties start picking up by the end of March, increasing around Easter with the super-clubs opening as early as the first days of May.

We at Ibiza Spotlight have not really stopped all winter and been preparing for the summer season, making sure you have all the info first-hand for Ibiza 2020.

The Ibiza Spotlight 2020 party calendar has been filling up. It's about half full at the moment, but it's already enough to get a sense of the season, with more coming up daily.

In the meantime, this is a great moment to remind and explain to you how it all works with the listings and when it all kicks off with announcements, tickets, line-ups and more.


Years ago, the party calendar stayed pretty much blank until Easter time. But lately, many promoters have started programming earlier and thus the announcements come in earlier, too - something very handy for planning reasons, we're sure you agree.

The vast majority of club nights have published at least some of their plans - basically their 2020 dates - in January and February. Many more nights will be added in March and even into April, but you already have a pretty good overview of what club nights will be on offer in the coming summer.

If you are waiting for specific nights to be announced, bookmark our party calendar and simply check it every now and then. Once the party is confirmed, it will appear on the party calendar immediately.


As mentioned above, by this point, the party calendar is nicely filled with nights, yet the DJ listings are still mostly blank. Most promoters will announce their dates first and then, in a second (and often third and fourth) step, they will publish the specific DJ line-ups for all their summer dates.

March and April are normally the two months when all the DJ line-ups get released. By the start of May, our party calendar is jam-packed with parties including all the DJs you can go and experience.


As a serious Ibiza information portal, we do not publish any gossip on our website. Once a rumour has become fact, that is when you will immediately find it on Ibiza Spotlight.

What we do have is an active opinion forum. There, we chat about Ibiza 2020 gossip a little as well. So if you cannot wait until it is all confirmed, go have a read and discuss all the island rumours there in the meantime.

On top of that, you will also oftentimes find ticket competitions on the forum, so it's well worth signing up.


This is the million-dollar question we get asked loads, so it is worth elaborating on the subject a little.

First of all, why might you not buy?

Perhaps you don't know which nights and which DJs you want to see. This is perfectly valid - many of you are not fussy, don't know the scene so well or want to play it by ear, night by night. It can indeed be fun simply heading into town and going with the flow to see where you end up. Some of the best nights can be had by being spontaneous this way.

However, let's face it: most of you are probably planning your holidays around one or two (or more!) big nights, where you get to see your favourite DJ playing in one of the legendary Ibiza clubs you have heard about and possibly have already been to.

In this case, we strongly recommend buying your tickets on Ibiza Spotlight in advance. Here's why:

1. You get guaranteed entry.
Not many nights sell out - but the most popular nights do. You do not want to be stuck in the queue hoping to get in.

2. You can budget in advance.
When we talk to our regular Spotlighters and in particular our forum members, this is one of their favourite reasons: because you can spread the cost of your holiday out over several months. For example, buy your flights in January, your hotel in February and your tickets in March. That way, you only need to bring spending money with you.

3. We offer free cancellations.
We are the only Ibiza ticket website to do this. You change your mind any time up to 24 hours before the party and get a full refund, no questions asked. Only a small number of events with limited availability are non-refundable - these are all clearly marked in your shopping basket.

4. We take your privacy very seriously.
There are no sign-ups, no registrations and no complex forms to fill out. We ask only for your name and email. You then pay securely with a credit card or Paypal. We never send you emails unless you specifically request it. We never share your data with anyone else. Buying a ticket online through Spotlight takes around three minutes

5. You save money.
The tickets you buy in online pre-sale cost between €5 and €15 cheaper than buying at the door.

6. You get access to special online early-bird ticket prices.
Apart from the above-stated difference between online pre-sale and door prices, nearly all of the clubs offer limited availability early-bird tickets with considerable savings over the usual price. These are on sale from January through March and early April. Keep checking the calendar.

Obviously, we would love you to buy your club tickets on our site, and over a million clubbers have trusted Ibiza Spotlight with their tickets in the last few years alone. But don't just take our word for it. Visit our forums, chat to some of the regulars and read what they have to say about it.

In a nutshell,

  • for the nights you are sure that you don't want to miss, buy the tickets beforehand and as early as possible so that you can get the best deal.
  • for the nights that are a "maybe" to you, buy those beforehand as well, safe in the knowledge that you can cancel them free of charge in case your plans change.
  • for the rest... go with the flow. Even if you decide late in the game, you can still buy most tickets on our website, with your mobile, on the day of the event so no need to rush to a bar to get them.

As winter draws to a close, we are thrilled about and so looking forward to the next Ibiza summer just around the corner!

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