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SuperMartXé hints at changes for forthcoming season

Ibiza's most garish party gets a 2020 refresh.

SuperMartXé has suggested some exciting changes are afoot as we head closer to the 2020 season.

For starters, the party has announced a changing of the guard. That's right, SuperMartXé is under new management. What exactly this entails, we're unsure. However, the party has promised to "consolidate our presence on Ibiza." Intriguing.

Naturally, SuperMartXé would not be SuperMartXé without fun, freedom, sensuality and the grand spectacle. The party that brought us live sex shows once upon a time and outrageous set pieces in more recent memory has never stopped reinventing itself.

Essentially, not much seems to be changing on that front - at least in the short term. Flamboyant theatrics will remain at its core but with some sort of twist.

You can still expect wondrous set designs, eye-grabbing performances and top-notch electronic music.

In addition to the forthcoming Ibiza season, the party plans to use the campaign to catapult it onto the world stage. Big ambitions indeed.

SuperMartXé is dead... long live SuperMartXé!

We cannot wait to see what this new chapter brings to the colourful history of one of Ibiza's most provocative parties.

More details, including residency, dates and line-ups, will be published as we know them. To stay up to the date on all Ibiza 2020 news, keep checking back to our newsfeed.

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