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Films and documentaries about Ibiza

Depictions of Ibiza on the silver screen.

Given the concentration of creatives who live here - from photographers to dancers, musicians to videographers - it's little wonder that Ibiza frequently finds itself the subject of art. Understandably, cinema joins the ranks alongside music and literature in finding her allure.

Ibiza's stunning landscapes and architectural backdrops lend themselves well to widescreen viewing.

Here's a selection of movies where Ibiza has graced the big screen. From the sublime to the downright trashy, the memorable to the ones we'd rather forget. Not forgetting, of course, the ones we can watch over and over again.

Essential viewing

It's All Gone Pete Tong | Independent | dir Michael Dowse | 2004

Comedian Paul Kaye plays fictional superstar DJ Frankie Wilde as his world is about to come crashing down. The cautionary tale is poignant with themes of mental health, addiction and Wilde's loss of hearing, whilst still delivering on laughs. Just don't ask us about the badger scene.

Full of industry cameos and in-jokes, who can you spot as a talking head in the spoof docu-style?

A Short Film About Chilling | Channel 4 | dir Angus Cameron | 1990

The original short about Ibiza. Unlike other entries in this list, we're able to post the full film - all 37 glorious minutes of it. What makes this documentary so charming, is that its focus isn't on celebrity, but the everyman.

It was a more innocent, less cynical time beautifully captured. The footage may have dated, but the essence remains. A real snapshot in time.

A couple of duds...

Ibiza | Good Universe | dir Alex Richanbach | 2018

Made for Netflix caper Ibiza immediately drew question marks because it was filmed in Croatia. Not a good start. The DJ references also miss the mark, but we can understand why people who have never been to Ibiza might find it a fun watch.

Although there are some funny and relatable scenes (the hotel room black light - ewww!) ultimately, the laughs are few and too far between. Has done as much for Ibiza's tourist board as Mike Posner and Ibiza Weekender combined.

Ibiza Undead | Templeheart Films | dir Andy Edwards | 2016

Following in the footsteps of Shaun Of The Dead, Warm Bodies and Zombieland, comes this Ibiza-inspired “zom-com” (that's zombie romantic comedy). Fans of those other movies shouldn't get too excited, as this was made on a fraction of the budget.

Ibiza Undead is noteworthy for starring Emily Atack AKA The Inbetweeners' Charlotte Hinchcliffe. Eagle-eyed viewers will also spot comic Matt King of Super Hans from Peep Show infamy. Like most modern teen slashers, the characters aren't that likeable and you find yourself cheering their tormentors.

Several scenes look like kick-out time at Amnesia closing - and that's kind of the running joke, but it wears thin very quickly. Still, if there were ever a zombie apocalypse, Ibiza would surely be the best place to be.

World cinema entries

Sex and Lucía | Studio Canal | dir Julio Medem | 2001

Partially shot on neighbouring island Formentera, Sex and Lucía tells a story of lust, love and infatuation. Paz Vega plays our sultry protagonist, opposite romantic interest Tristán Ulloa, a troubled writer.

Various steamy encounters ensue and, of course, there's the love rival ex. Poetic, considering the island has its fair share of lotharios and female sex icons. Worth watching for the gorgeous shots of Formentera alone.

Amnesia | Independent | dir Barbet Shroeder | 2015

Set during the nascent clubbing scene, Amnesia tells the story of Jo, an ambitious composer from Berlin who travels to the island to find his fame and fortune. He soon sets sights on becoming a DJ at the island's brand new super-club, Amnesia.

Pumping club scenes are used sparingly and the best parts are shot in more solitary locations. There's an intergenerational romance and a subplot involving the Nazis. On paper, it sounds like it should be rubbish, but it's actually worth a watch more than the synopsis suggests.

The new entry...

Born Balearic: Jon Sa Trinxa and the Spirit of Ibiza | Independent | dir Lily Rinae | 2019

Capturing the essence of Ibiza and Balearic beat, Born Balearic takes you on a journey around the island. The documentary covers the course of 25 years through the career of Jon Sa Trinxa, resident DJ of the legendary Salinas beach club.

Far from the stereotypical portrayals of Ibiza, Born Balearic presents a candid reflection of the other sides of this protean island, just like its music. We're certain you'll find the soundtrack and cinematography irresistible.

The film premiered at the IBIZA CINE FEST 2020. One thing is for sure: watching it will make you long for those summer days on Ibiza.

The box office hit

Kevin & Perry Go Large | Tiger Aspect | dir Ed Bye | 2000

All I wanna do is do it!”

Everybody's guilty pleasure. We can remember going to the cinema as a teenager to watch this one! Even if you hate the film, chances are the soundtrack will still make the hairs on your neck stand on end. It's littered with trance classics from the early ‘00s.

Otherwise, the best thing about it was Rhys Ifans' turn as obnoxious, prima donna DJ Eyeball Paul. Where did he get the inspiration from?

2020 marks its 20th anniversary and Amnesia is feeling nostalgic. Old-timers Judge Jules and Seb Fontaine headline a special one-off on Monday 7 September. A screening of the film also takes place prior to the party, while the foam will be turned on for the final set of the night.

Tickets for the Kevin & Perry Go Large screening and anniversary party are on sale now. Head below for further details.

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