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A catch up with Andy C ahead of Together

Drum'n'bass godfather Andy C on the Ibiza scene.

RAM records boss Andy C needs little introduction. As the first DJ to be invited back for a second residency at London's XOYO - as well as selling out Wembley SSE Arena in just three days - it must be a hard life being drum and bass top dog.

With over 40 DJ awards to his name, he is surely the most celebrated drum and bass artist of all time. But you would never have guessed it. He's a very humble and calm guy, as I found out when I caught up with him for a chat.

On 13 August, we are in for a treat as Andy will bring his All Night concept to Together Amnesia. For one night only, he will indulge us in an array of dirty basslines, heavy drops and euphorically uplifting tunes. If the show's past success is anything to go by, we're in for a memorable night.


As we took a seat with a drink in hand, I was keen to find out what it takes to pull off one of his signature All Night sets. Preparing for a night like this must take quite some time and a hell of a lot of tune collecting. Andy's verdict: it takes years.

"Yes, you need a lot of tunes! I've been lucky enough to do a lot of all night sets. We started out at fabric, we did a couple at Academy, then we did [Alexandra Palace]. Then we went big last year. So, the preparation with the tunes has been happening over a lot of years.

I practice, and I always try and get mixes together. Coming to Ibiza for a lot of years, I know what the Ibiza crowd like when they come here."

Clearly, playing a night long set is no mean feat. But this is Andy's thing. His passion for playing longer shows shines through in the way he talks of them as though he were a kid in a sweet shop.

They are a free pass to play whatever he fancies on the night. The freedom sounds delightful – even for a DJing novice like me.

"An all-night set is a chance to explore the whole genre – tunes from yesteryear. You can go a little leftfield for 20 minutes and it means you can express the whole scene. And that's the way I like it.

A lot of festivals in the summer, you only play for like one hour. And, especially if you've got a big crowd in front of you, they might not be so familiar with the genre.

There is so much music, that even like today coming over on the plane there are probably 30 odd tunes in the last seven days that I really like. If I did that, I would be doing an hour and half set of brand new music alone."


Coming from more underground UK roots, drum and bass has led a lowkey life on Ibiza in the past. Though, in recent years its popularity here has begun to grow. The proof - Together at Amnesia has maintained a strong and dedicated following during its nine years on the island.

Because of this, I was interested to know how Andy thinks the genre will progress on the White Isle in the coming years.

"The scene that I come from was not really part of the Ibiza explosion in the late '90s and early 2000s. But over the years, people can't deny the power of drum and bass.

We've been going Together at Amnesia for nine years now. The island has become a hot spot for people not only from the UK but from all over the world to come and see us.

The music is so powerful. It's weird, around the world it's so big. But it's taken years and years to infiltrate Ibiza. I hope it does [grow], I can't see why not. And it'll be down to the foundations that the guys in Amnesia have laid for the past nine years."

Given the quality of the music and improving production, it's no surprise that this seeming underdog genre is gaining traction on Ibiza. Andy explained how the scene has changed over the years and how it appeals to so many more people now.

"There are incredible production values now. It has gone through many different guises. The beauty of where we are now in 2019 is, we are seeing that there is something for everybody.

By that, I mean the liquid side, jungle side, dark side – there is something for everyone. It seems like everybody is more accepting now. Whereas in the late '90s early 2000s it would be 'you like that?', 'I don't like that.'

It got very club specific for sounds, and the other sounds would be frowned upon. But now everyone is like we are all part of the wonderful music and everybody is coexisting."

Now, it sounds like genre certainly has that community feel, as though everyone were part of a family. Andy was eager to point this out, and rightly so.


With over 20 years of experience, the drum and bass veteran remains at the peak of his career and is showing no signs of slowing down. Thank goodness. The release of his newest track Back & Forth took the top spot on the Beatport drum and bass chart for several weeks.

"It is always a relief when you've got a new tune out and people are like, that's alright that! That's all I want. I just want people to like them and that's a relief!"

After a series of record-breaking shows, number one singles and touring here, there and everywhere, it begs the question, how will Andy top the past year? Easily, so it seems!

"This year tune wise, we've got a lot to come. Finally, ey! It has been a long time coming, but I think it's going to be a lot more consistent this year. So, there have been four tunes already this year – probably my most prolific year ever!

Then we have got a lot more to come, like cool collaborations and a couple of bits and bobs. You've always got to create a different, new and exciting to look forward to. For now, I think we'll have a couple of beers and get down to Amnesia."

And, on that note, I leave Andy to get the party started ahead of his set at Together later.

Catch Andy C's All Night long special at Amnesia on 13 August. It is set to be an epic marathon of the best drum and bass around. We wouldn't expect anything less from the master himself.

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