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Zinétic 2018 - calling all film lovers on Ibiza

Great films in their original language feature in the third edition of this event for cinephiles

Zinétic, the film-buff's festival is back for its third edition on Ibiza, starting this Thursday 8 November with the supernatural movie A Ghost Story at Cine Regio in San Antonio.

Cinephiles can dig into some great cinematography with a total of eight movies all in original language versions with subtitles in Spanish. Tickets cost just €5 and are screened each Thursday from 21:30.

The event will offer a variety of films with great stories and narrative plus are less conventional than the standard blockbuster.

Movie-goers can also see films in their original language version in other Ibiza venues. Cinema Paradiso is putting on two films, Blade Runner 2049 and Passengers, both in December in Ibiza Town.

More film can be had at Ibiza Town's Multicines cinema until 27 December and at Santa Eulalia's Teatro de España until 30 December.

A Ghost Story stars Casey Affleck who plays a character that haunts his old house. With a 91% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, expect some top quality action from this movie.

Cine Regio is the perfect place for this film selection with its red velvet interior redolent of cinemas of the past.

Next up is the Wes Anderson directed, animated film Isle of Dogs on 22 November featuring the voices of actors Bryan Cranston, Jeff Goldblum and Edward Norton.

The remaining films - all screened in their original language are Cold War (Polish), Quién te cantará (Spanish), Suspiria (Italian), Night is short, walk on girl (Japanese), The Favourite (English) and Pájaros de verano (Spanish). More details can be found on Zinétic's Facebook page.

For a film-filled few months with top quality dramas, head to Zinétic at San Antonio's Cine Regio.

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