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Why closing parties are a must

Ibiza closing parties are a must for any music fan and here's why.

Choosing when to come to Ibiza can be a tough choice with all that is going on at any given moment. You want good weather, the best parties and a perfect atmosphere. Luckily, you'll find all of that anytime throughout the summer.

For clubbing veterans and seasoned Ibiza pilgrims, one point of the season is an absolute must. Closing parties will always remain a fixture in that essential clubbing diary.

While the season is coming to the end, in terms of club nights the best is yet to come. Here are four reasons why closing parties are a must for any music lover.

massive Line-ups

The line-ups are among the biggest attractions without a doubt. Here, the super-club programmers and label promoters really pull it out the bag for one final tear-up before the doors are locked and the leaves begin to fall.

Whether it's a festival-style line-up packed full of the biggest names, or specially selected all-night-longs and extended sets for music purists, every club and every party have a few tricks up their sleeves. Here's where you get to experience the ultimate music magic.

phenomenal Atmosphere

At the endpoint of the season, the cards have been dealt and a wave of relief and relaxation washes over the island. The people out at this time are here to party with a vengeance and know their music, which makes an incredible difference in the vibe of the parties.

Electricity permeates the dance floors and both tourists and residents experience a much-appreciated second wind. The madness of May is a fond memory of the past and now all are ready to let their hair down for one final dance - or in this case multiple ones.

perfect Weather

Of course, September and early-October weather can sometimes be a hit and miss, but for the most part, the daytime offers plenty of sunshine with temperatures hitting the top-end of the twenties, while the nights are soothingly refreshing: the perfect combination.

With this in mind, you may want to rethink sleeping-in all afternoon before the next big party. Give your brain a much-needed serotonin boost and load-up on vitamin D on the beach. It's truly idyllic. Not to mention, with fewer people around, you'll get to enjoy plenty of space.

connoisseur Clubbing crowd

Fortunately, Ibiza is blessed with some amazing party-goers throughout the summer, but in the peak of the season, the sheer number of people and possibly the heat can sometimes affect the attitude and mood of the people in the venues.

For the closing parties, people have flown from all over the world to attend specific events. They know whom they're seeing and where they're going. These loyal music lovers will give the closings their last drop of energy and are incredible characters to share the dance floor with.

No matter when you visit Ibiza, you're bound to have a great time. Each part of the season suits different people. For clubbers and music lovers, this time is particularly magical. Experience it and you'll know.

Head here for some of the best closing parties in September. For everything going on, check out the party calendar where you will get the full low-down on what's happening in the final few weeks of closing party heaven.

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