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Rona's Deli - hand delivered to Playa d'en Bossa beach

Spending a day on the beach has never been so hassle-free.

What do you do when hunger sets in on the beach? Rona's Deli has the solution with a delivery service bringing its great burgers, superfoods and drinks direct to the sands in Playa d'en Bossa.

Whatever your hunger needs, you are sure to find something on the Rona's Deli menu to satisfy and with orders available via WhatsApp, all you need do is share your location via the app and they'll come right to you- it couldn't be easier!

Whether you have forgotten to book a late check-out and are nursing a hangover, need to feed you and your friends or the family or simply want to replace lost electrolytes and rehydrate - getting the sustinence come to you could be just what the (food) doctor ordered.

Rona's Deli burger - get it to to come direct to you on the beach!

If it's something substantial you're after, Rona's Deli burgers are just the indulgence you need, with a range of tasty burgers that top the charts of TripAdvisor.

Healthier options such as as the Zero Carb Protein Burger or the Veggie Burger are on offer for the health conscious or after some high-octane water sports.

Everyone should try the homemade Ibizan spiral potato chips or if you need a shot of beta-carotene, the sweet potato fries are simply delicious and both put the fun into sides.

Health, health, health - some of the best drinks to rehydrate are on offer

Ideal hangover cures include the Burning man smoothie or Almighty Cure. Or keep things simple with its freshly pressed orange juice or its homemade lemonade made from island-grown fruit.

Regular soft drinks, organic sodas and super-hydrating coconut water are on offer as are beers and aloe drinks.

Dancing all day outside Bora Bora as the planes soar overhead? The slow release of carbs from the chickpea salad or quinoa bowl will put some extra gusto in those dancing feet.

Burgers prepared with love and care

Kids are seemingly never full. Cool them down with scoops of Nice Cream - sharing with parents optional.

Rona's Deli uses eco-friendly packaging, plus napkins are made from recycled paper, straws from paper and knives and forks are made of wood. Help them even more and clear up your rubbish afterwards.

Make the most of your Playa d'en Bossa beach day with Rona's Deli delivery for all your diet and lifestyle needs.

You can message Rona's Deli via WhatsApp on +34 660 485 761.


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