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Flying over the waves with Ibiza Foils

Try out the newest addition to the Ibiza water sports circuit.


You've seen it on social media, you've heard about it from a friend-of-a-friend, you may have even been told by your rad mate about how he's tried AND nailed it.

But now you can actually do it yourself: foiling.

Ibiza Foils took Ibiza Spotlight out on the sea by Playa d'en Bossa at sunset to show us how it works.

No surf no problem

Riding the sea after less than an hour practice

Ibiza is blessed with many things. It may have some of the best views the eye can see, a party heritage with deep roots in the 1960s and beaches only paralleled with the Carribean, but when it comes to surf it sadly falls behind.

Foiling makes the need for waves a thing of the past. The smart hydrofoil lifts the rider over the water and, essentially, into the air.

The perfect activity for those who love Ibiza and love to surf, it is a more than suitable compromise.

The technical stuff

The battery-powered torpedo

Its light-build and hydrodynamic torpedo design help it reach speeds of up to 35km/h. You could actually travel around the whole island in under 20 hours on this - although that is NOT a recommendation.

The board is powered by a high energy density Lithium Ion battery, and acceleration is controlled by a handheld remote.

To guide the board, much like in surfing, the rider uses his or her body weight to shift from side to side.

In just under an hour, one participant trying it out for the first time managed to get up and ride, under the guidance of a professional surfer - which Ibiza Foils offers with its rental service.

Learning made easy with one-to-one instruction

Is foiling the future? Who knows. One thing is for sure: water sports on Ibiza just got better.

If this has whet your thirst for water sports, then head here and take a look at some other fun activities on Ibiza Spotlight.

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