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6 of the best boats to charter on Ibiza

Set sail on your Ibiza trip by chartering some of the island's most coolest boats.

Ibiza is blessed with crystal-clear waters and hidden coastal treasures. To make the most of the island's marine beauty, chartering a boat is a must.

Also, Formentera is only a short journey away where a boat is the easiest way to access the breathtakingly beautiful beaches that have made the Balearic island a hub of celebrity activity.

But if you'd prefer to be master of your own trip, then you can hire your own vessel with no licence.

The sea is a cool playground and a boat is your ticket to adventure. Here are six of the best boats you can charter, especially selected by Ibiza Spotlight.

60ft Sunseeker Predator

If it's good enough for Nicole Scherzinger, then it might be good enough for you. Boats Ibiza provides celebrity-endorsed relaxation with the stylish Sunseeker Predator. Its sleek interior is kitted out with a kitchen and lounge, as well as a spacious front deck for sunbathing. There's plenty of beer, wine, Cava, and soft drinks to dip into with an experienced captain there to serve and steer the way to a great luxury day out at sea.

Catamaran Lagoon 440

Glide across cerulean waters on this spacious Catamaran Lagoon 440. With room for up to 11 people, you can take the whole family and friends on a day out exploring the Balearic sea. Its powerful engine and innovative design marry comfort and speed. The upper deck provides a full 360-degree view of whatever picturesque island scenery you've immersed yourself in.

Sunseeker Tomahawk 41

Release your inner James Bond and step on board the Sunseeker Tomahawk 41 speedboat. With 39 knots of speed, be sure to keep a hold of your hat. You can even hire this nimble vessel at a fraction of the cost with Smart Charter Ibiza's new shared charter service.

Sunseeker Superhawk 50

Another one for the speed junkies. The Sunseeker Superhawk flies over the waves with a powerful max speed of 60 knots - with room for 12 guests - making it the perfect mix of racing boat and luxury yacht. With Motonáutica Ibiza, you have a skipper on hand, so all you need to do is sit back and feel the wind fly through your hair.

La Bella Verde Tandem

What's better than taking a boat on the Mediterranean? Easy. Taking two boats. Eco-friendly charter fleet La Bella Verde offers the chance experience a tandem trip on their catamarans with space for up to 22 passengers. It's the perfect way to tour the crystalline seas and experience Ibiza's stunning marine nature without damaging your conscious.

Captain your own vessel

Take hold of the wheel with Star Boats Ibiza and Adventure Yellowboats one of their Zodiac or rigid boats.

No licence is required so you can take your friends and family on your own maritime adventure, but only after a brief rundown in skipper safety and controls.

So, there you have it - a selection of some of the best boat charters out there. There are lots more on our boat charters page, so head on over there for more fantastic boat options.

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