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Sankeys opening line-up and date change

Unusual suspects and Sankeys Ibiza reveal who will be playing on the new opening night.

Masters of heavy house and thundering techno, Unusual suspects will soon open its doors at Sankeys Ibiza for the summer. The opening party initially set for the 10 May, has been moved up one week to 17 May due to force majeure. Here is what you need to know.

The new date comes with the announcement of the line-up for this eagerly anticipated rave. Unusual Suspects and Sankeys are bringing together some of the hottest names in the underground electronic scene.

The Lab room, which now features a brand new KV2 sound system and fresh club lighting, promises a magnificent grand opening. Playing there on Thursday 17 May night, you have Ilario Alicante, Federico Grazzini, Frank Storm, Janina and Rick Maia.

The rooftop terrace has a wicked roster for the evening as well. David Moreno and Fabrizio Marra will be DJing back to back. They will be joined by Fell Reis, Stephanie Rosse and Ronald Takeshi. Smythy & Dave will be in the backstage room all night long.

If you have already purchased your ticket for 10 May, no worries. We will automatically cancel and refund you the full price. Should you be able to attend the opening party on 17 May, simply buy a new ticket.

This new opening party will mark the start of a fresh summer for Sankeys, now under brand new management. Parties like Redlight are set to return and other events like IDOL make their debut at the Playa d'en Bossa underground club.

It will soon be time to hit that Sankeys dance floor once again, fellow clubbers. Quite frankly, we can hardly wait for the club's season to begin.

See below for full info and tickets.

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