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Top Ibiza sunset spots: Las Salinas

We choose the best places to watch an Ibiza sunset.

For a beautiful sunset that's reflected over water, head to Las Salinas. The salt flats here reflect the colours in the sky turning shades of orange or pink. It's a beautiful sight and perfect for lovers, because that's what a sunset at this spot makes you feel: love.

Stop when you see it and take a walk to drink in the view. Many people cycle on the dirt tracks near the big mound of salt (you can't miss it) to see it too and what better way to enjoy it than with the wind in your hair.

Best time to go: October 10 to March 4

Top tips: Go to the old church in San Francisco, where you will be shown to watch points to see the many wild birds that visit Ibiza.

And if staying at Boutique Hotel Casa Munich just above the salt flats, make use of their free bikes to go and see this marvellous spectacle.


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