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Ibiza Sabor springs back for 2018

Foodies can dip into a set of three-course menus in restaurants island-wide this spring.

Foodies rejoice! Ibiza Sabor is back to whet your appetite for spring 2018 with the bi-annual festival that's set to get your mouth watering.

The gastronomic event runs until 27 May and includes top eateries Ca Na Ribes, Es Nautic, Il Decanter, La Cava, La Imprenta, Hotel Montesol and Royalty.

In total 54 participating restaurants are offering three-course set menus for around €25 per head, with tasting menus on offer too.

Dishes such as fish stew, guisat de peix, sofrit pages, meat stew and the traditional goat's cheese and mint dessert flaó all feature on menus.

The festival will showcase some of the island's fantastic local produce, such as extra virgin olive oil, hierbas and wine.

For those of you who want to get hands-on, there is a series of workshops hosted by experts. Next up is a wild herb workshop (in Spanish) or an olive oil tasting of the last harvest - get the true taste of Ibiza!

In support of Posidonia

The event also aims to raise awareness about Posidonia, the rare variety of sea grass that grows in abundance off the coast of Ibiza and Formentera.

Posidonia harbours unique marine ecosystems and has been increasingly threatened in recent years.

The timing of this spring's edition is of particular significance: 2018 marks the European Year of Cultural Heritage, so it is fitting that Ibiza is putting its gastronomic delights into the spotlight.

Gaining in popularity every year, Ibiza Sabor invites you to experience the great flavours the island has to offer

For a full list of the exquisite dining options and run-down of programming day-by-day, head over to our events' calendar.

This great culinary event is sure to put you in the mood for a feast!

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