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5 best things about Melon Bomb

Over Easter, Ibiza residents danced to an explosive mix of beats at Tanit Beach.

The end of March brought on the beginning of spring, a time when Ibiza's residents and early-bird tourists come out to play. The Easter weekend brought an opportunity for parties to showcase their musical vibe in venues across the island. One of these was Melon Bomb at Tanit Beach Ibiza.

Melon Bomb's carefree and funky appeal enticed many island dwellers for a boogie on the dance floor over the Easter break. Spinning an inimitable blend of uplifting house and disco, Melon Bomb has built a loyal following since 2015.

The fun-loving party brand is known for curating parties for the people of Ibiza. An event without an agenda, unpretentious in nature, it allows guests to let loose on the dance floor with a welcoming sense of community and love of music bringing people together.

After experiencing these guys, you will no doubt see why the party is so popular on the island. Here's our list of the five best things about a Melon Bomb party.

Chilling out at top locations

The weekend saw Melon Bomb take up residence in Tanit Beach Ibiza, located on the shores of Playa d'en Bossa. This relaxed seaside venue provided a beautiful backdrop to host a fabulous party.

During the day, guests could chill out on the beach loungers with a soundtrack of eclectic jams playing as the sun set. Later In the evening, the moon rose to glisten over the ocean adding a touch of magic to the party.

Melon Bomb thrives on organising parties in several of the island's hottest venues. In the past, they have held events at Hï Ibiza, Pacha, Pikes, Ushuaïa and Café Mambo. Hosting at unique locations such as Tanit Beach, this fab four create a unique party experience every single date.

Having a great dance

The Melon Bomb community brings together a mix of people from all over Ibiza and beyond. Ibiza residents and regulars definitely feel at home at this event. Just walking across the dance floor you'll bump into several people you know, usually dancing away to a groovy beat.

What is very noticeable at Melon Bomb is the excitable vibe of the crowd at the party. It seemed like from start to finish nobody stopped moving their feet to the music. A feeling of inclusivity really brought everyone together as one clubbing family.

In essence, what makes a party is the people that attend. The crowd at this cool party were all fun loving, carefree and just keen to twist to a rhythmic beat. The phrase, 'a stranger in life is a neighbour on the dance floor' is certainly applicable here.

Listening to Melon Bomb DJs cool music

The Melon Bomb boys, Paul Reynolds, Ben Santiago, Scott Gray and Corbi, are all seasoned Ibiza veteran DJs. Their sets teem with old school jams, disco, soulful house and whatever else jumps out from their collections in the moment.

In an afternoon, you can listen and shake to classic house cuts like Let The Music Use You by The Nightwriters and Free by Ultra Nate. At any moment, however, you could see guests going wild for nostalgic throwback jams like Blue Monday by New Order or Don't You Want Me by The Human League.

Later on in the evening, the BPM increased and the sound got a little bit more pumping. Hearing personal favourites like Techno Disco Tool by Mella Dee and Vision of Love by Bicep really made my night. Club stompers like these elevated the vibe well into the night.

Seeing Tanit transform into a club space.

The long pathway that leads to Tanit Beach makes it feel like venturing into a mysterious backroom party. Walking into the open-plan bar space, you definitely feel an element of exclusiveness in this oceanside venue.

During the day it's easy to image Tanit Beach as restaurant venue with elegant and stylish decoration. For a Melon Bomb party, they pull out all the stops to transform night time into a vibrant dance floor space.

As night fell, out came the co2 cannons and twirling disco lights to amp up the excitement on the dance floor. Paired with stunning performers dancing sensually to the blend of beats, the party turned into a flamboyant visual experience and Melon Bomb party vibe.

Checking out Melon Bomb's commitment to clubbing

One of the best parts of these parties is that the people behind it put soul and dedication in the event, providing hotly anticipated events throughout the year. A small collective of DJs puts on these events purely for the love of the music.

In the past these events have supported causes like Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, a charity creating fundraising initiatives to enable the dance music industry to help children in crisis.

What does 2018 hold in store for the Melon Bomb crew? Several festivals, including Croatia, and undoubtedly many, many more memorable residencies and new gigs on the White Isle. We'll see you on the dance floor very soon.

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