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Introducing Innervisions Marcus Worgull

A look into the underground deep house master ahead of his gig on Ibiza in a couple of weeks.

Innervisions lynchpin and hidden gem Marcus Worgull knows more than a thing or two about electronic music, particularly the deep emotive kind that characterises the leading imprint. Here's what you need to know about him ahead of his highly anticipated set on Ibiza a few weeks from now.

While others from the Innervisions family may have gained more fame than he has, the Cologne-based DJ and producer has been with the label from the start. Tailoring his sets to the venue and crowd, he puts on the kinds of sets that leave a mark.

Approaching close to two decades of relevance on the scene, he is a leader of German deep house while dabbling in multiple styles and genres. This tendency to combine myriad genres emerges clearly on his latest EP Broad Horizons, which touches on reggae, dub, ska and even the tango.

Regularly reworking electronic music, Marcus Worgull creates and explores new soundscapes. As he plays with minimal structures and hypnotic basslines, he brings a unique and varied style that stems from his vastly diverse musical background.

Marcus did not start with house and techno, however. By the time he hit his teenage years, he had already mastered numerous instruments, from the piano to the drums, school band, chorus and then, of course, parties.

Next, he ran a parallel career managing vinyl establishment Groove Attack. The record store focused primarily on hip-hop, funk, soul, jazz, soul, reggae, dubstep, drum-n-bass, 70s and 80s. Coincidentally, that's also where he bought his first house record.

This varied influence and breadth of his musical knowledge shine through in both his productions and DJs sets. You may remember one of his first major breakthroughs and still current, Dragon Loop on Innervisions. If not, have a listen:

Bridging past and future sounds, he is known to engender a massive energy that inevitably draws all onto the dancefloor.

Widely considered one of Germany's finest deep house exports, Marcus has played internationally at clubbing institutions such as Berghain, Trouw, Fabric and Watergate as well as events the likes of Time Warp, ADE and Papaya Playa Project.

Those in the know, of course, will be completely stoked to know that Marcus Worgull will be playing on Ibiza in two weeks. Ibiza Spotlight is bringing the Innervisions mainstay as the first guest of new party series In The Zone at B12 Club on Friday 6 April.

Not often does one have a chance to see a DJ and producer of this magnitude on the island well ahead of the crowds and in such an intimate setting. Grab your chance if you have it.

Meanwhile indulge in some aural porn here with Marcus's debut on Boiler Room Berlin last year, a fine example of his distinctive blend of classic gems, latest productions and future sounds. We'll be on that dancefloor.

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